The motivation struggle is real – it’s time to shake up your work day

“With the outbreak of the new COVID, we are at stake, and many motivations have been lifted, primarily based on fear of the unknown.”

No doubt even those who have returned to the office, routine certainty cannot provide comfort when it’s all slanted and commuting is a distant memory.

“We always look at the finish line at Christmas and start rewinding. We know that rewinding is much easier than rewinding,” says Dr. Flat.

You can underestimate how much energy, problem-solving strategies, and ultimately big innovations a conversation can ignite.

Dr. Natalie Flat

“But this year it’s much more difficult because of the idea of ​​what else you’re looking forward to. The answer is a bit strange. In our minds, the end of 2020 was expected to be the end of all worries, but it wasn’t.

Dr. Flatt says there are ways to avoid motivational struggles, such as co-workers caring for each other and employers creating buddy systems to give workers fun, such as new challenges and growth opportunities. ..


“Human beings are social creatures, and some have missed their” work spouse “severely,” she says.

“It can underestimate how much energy, problem-solving strategies, and ultimately great innovations a conversation can ignite, and its immediate feedback on work and another perspective on the situation. You may miss it. “

Earlier, Dr. Flat outlines eight steps for returning to a more ambitious and productive job.

1. Way of thinking

The study supports the idea that positive self-talk leads to success and productivity, stress relief, self-confidence, and a happier life. If you always say “I can’t”, you can easily convince yourself that this is true. Replace with a positive statement.

2. Reflect

What do I need to change to make a big difference? Where was your energy wasted in 2020? How can you change some behaviors?

3. Start

Would you like to start your day with a walk, swim, yoga or stretching? Performing this one activity will make you feel like you’ve already completed the task and give you a solid idea of ​​the day.

4. Boundary

A “start-end” approach that sticks to tight working hours rather than working longer than necessary not only facilitates the transition, but also the urge to establish more sustainable working behavior and return to old work. Helps to resist. routine.

5. Declater

Create a folder for email for 2020. Get rid of the old phone app, change the background image and delete the old cache. Organizing your computer helps you organize your mind.

6. Connection

Schedule time to meet your colleagues in person when you first return. If you are a manager, acknowledge all the efforts and achievements of last year.

7. Self-care

Book your next holiday to keep yourself on your holiday. We often receive post-holiday blues because we feel we have to leave the person on vacation. Book a break right away, maybe the end of February?

8. Completion bias

Create a checklist, even for small tasks. It gives our brains the right amount of dopamine whenever we erase an item.

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The motivation struggle is real – it’s time to shake up your work day Source link The motivation struggle is real – it’s time to shake up your work day

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