The hell of war forms the backdrop of defamation trial

This is a defamation trial, but members of the Australian Army are also receiving a lot of attention.

Ben Roberts Smith (AAP Image / Dean Lewins) arrives in federal court in Sydney today

This morning, the largest modern defamation trial was held in a federal court in Sydney. In a packed court, Ben Roberts-Smith’s lawyer, Bruce McClintock SC, quoted Winston Churchill.

McClintock is one of the leading defamation barristers in the country and this is the last proceeding before retirement.Nothing bigger than this: Roberts Smith, the country’s most award-winning active duty soldier, is suing the Nine newspaper. Age And Sydney Morning Herald, And their former stable stable stable building companion The Canberra Times, About a series of stories explaining his details Suspected serious misconduct In Afghanistan, against both fellow soldiers and unarmed civilians.

This morning, McClintock explained the elements of the incident in a modest tone. The war is hell and civilians cannot judge the actions of soldiers because we are not there. What? How far can soldiers go in a country where enemies are not easily identifiable?

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Place of originThe hell of war forms the backdrop of defamation trial

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