The Block’s Tanya and Vito accused of breaking rules again on site

Just as things seem to settle down on the block, the temper burns after being caught where “scammers” Tanya and Veet are alleged to have bent the rules again.

Just as tensions seemed to ease on the scene, Brock was once again in turmoil this week, with more accusations of cheating among the teams.

After a few weeks Tanya and Veet Confessing to be behind Leaked production schedule Saga, The result is an ugly rush between teamsThe teaser in the Sunday night episode sees the couple again accused of violating the rules.

It all started on Tuesday night and the team was tasked with creating pieces from wrecked items for the next bedroom.

Tanya and Veet Manufactured a “fidget planter” made from a crate and the steering unit of an old ship. It was ridiculed by fellow athletes and destroyed by a judge.

Not only that, but when they got it in the room, they realized it was too big for the space.

I was worried about what to do with the unusual work they made, Sherry craft Gave them a solution during the walkthrough with her and Scotty — allowing them to “fine-tune” the planters.

“Once you’ve decided, you can change it to fit the room a bit better,” Sherry said, suggesting that they use it as a bookshelf.

“You need to win this week, you need 10 grands more than anyone in the block … we’re going to win, and the fidgety planters aren’t going to win. It’s not your secret weapon,” she said. I warned.

Talk to block The producer, the couple, was excited to have a go-ahead.

“We didn’t ask for permission. She (Sherry) just said,” If I were you, I would cut this part out and put it in the trash, “Tagna said with excitement.

However, the rest of the contestants were not impressed when they learned of the duo’s plans. The teaser, aired at the end of Wednesday’s episode, showed a tense meeting with an exploding temper.

“When will the tweaks be tweaks and when will the tweaks be conversions?” Mitch and Mark ask.

“You know you’re annoying, so you want to change that,” says Kirsty.

The meeting explained that Scotty and Sherry allowed the change. Georgia and Ronnie And Tanya, Tanya seems to be furious and blowing the storm away.

“You are not the Friggen boss man,” Tanya can be seen screaming as she leaves.

in the meantime, Twins Luke and Josh I blame him for dragging another couple into the meeting.

“I don’t care what you do with it, this meeting is wasting my time I have an important sh * t to deal with,” says Josh. Can be seen.

It ’s Vito, Tanya, Luke, and Josh. Each docked two points To use Top secret production schedule photo Plan ahead in the early weeks of the season. According to Tanya The image came from a mysterious unknown number..

The full range of the new drama is set to play on Sunday night before the room is revealed.

at first Brock’s Tanya and Veet accused him of breaking the rules again on the scene

The Block’s Tanya and Vito accused of breaking rules again on site Source link The Block’s Tanya and Vito accused of breaking rules again on site

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