The Black Phone trailer: Scott Derrickson confronts his childhood traumas in horror movie

The origins of the dreaded new horror film come from a dark and personal place for the filmmaker.

If Ethan Hawke’s masked face scares you in the just-released Blackphone trailer, it should.

Not only is the character a molester who kidnaps and kills children Black phone Its origin lies in the horror of reality.

Filmmaker Scott Derrickson, best known Emily Rose Exorcist, Ominous When Doctor Strange, Written by fusing his own childhood experience with Joe Hill’s short stories Black phone With C. Robert Cargill.

“I grew up in a fairly violent, bullying, fighting and constantly bleeding area of ​​northern Denver,” Delixon told news.com.au. “It was just after Ted Bundy passed through Colorado and killed people, and the Manson murder had just happened.

“When I was eight, a friend next door knocked on the front door and said,’Someone killed my mother.’ The mother next door was killed. And There was a lot of domestic violence, even in my own home and in the homes of many children I know of.

“It was a very violent and horrifying kind of place to grow up in many ways because parents punished their children more aggressively. And I tried to realistically incorporate that environment into the film. . “

Derrickson came across the story of Hill almost 20 years ago and picked it up in a bookstore.He used to choose rights at some point, but that’s what he did Doctor Strange Idea is a sequel to the creative difference Black phone I’m back.

He was already thinking of making a film in the veins of Francois Truffaut’s 1959 French New Wave Classic. 400 blowIntroduced a 14-year-old character who acts as an on-screen surrogate for Truffaut to explore the tough childhood of filmmakers.

Derrickson wanted to do that when he was a kid in the 1970s. Combined it with Hill’s story about a boy who became another victim of Glover, but tried to escape with the help of a former victim of a villain who communicated with him via a disconnected phone. ..

The integration of these two ideas makes sense both narratively and emotionally for Delixon.

He has been treated for 3 years, working through his formation experience and doing it Black phone It was an outlet.

“That’s why I felt like I was doing a lot of work to think about aspects of my past and how it affected my life and who I would be as a person. I tended to talk.

“It was rewarding to have a place to undo. Many of the kids in the movie are based directly on the kids I know.”

Derrickson had previously worked with Hawk Ominous, He and Cargill also co-authored and kept in touch with the actors. Derrickson considers him “a favorite actor I worked with”.

According to Derrickson, Hawk was initially modest when the idea was proposed that he wasn’t too interested in playing a villain unless it was really special.

“Then he read the script, said the line that consisted of the script, and left me a voicemail in the voice of the character,” recalled Delixon. “I heard that and immediately thought,’Oh, I think he’s trying to do this.’

“I think Ethan really trusted me about what I was doing and how I was making the film. He gave me a scary and creepy character that was very fresh and interesting to me. I brought it. “

There are some horror movies under his belt, recently BlumhouseIt is clear that Derrickson is fueling his trauma through a genre suitable for its catharsis.

“As a filmmaker, and for me as a fan and enthusiast of this genre, it’s all about it. It’s always about fear and trauma.

“”Black phone It’s essentially about childhood trauma, and it’s really about what it looks like and how it feels. There is nothing there that is somewhat unfamiliar to people.

“Catharsis can result from using horror to confront the evils that are spoken or unspoken in our lives, ourselves, our families, strangers, and nature. The purpose of the genre is, in a sense, to confront and confront the horrifying and traumatic things in the world. “

Blackphone will be in the cinema from January 27th

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at first Scott Derrickson confronts his child’s trauma with a black phone

The Black Phone trailer: Scott Derrickson confronts his childhood traumas in horror movie Source link The Black Phone trailer: Scott Derrickson confronts his childhood traumas in horror movie

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