The Benefits Of Owning A Food Dehydrator

April 8, 2021

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Most of our kitchens include kettles, toasters, blenders and other items that require the utensils and essentials we use on a regular basis. I personally love slow cookers. I never thought that a food dehydrator would be these necessities.

I haven’t looked back since I invested in 9 Excalibur Food Dehydrators. I intended to use it as an inspiration for my lunch box, but I discovered a whole new way of life! If you don’t have a food dehydrator, you’ll get lost. The reason is as follows.

Helps avoid food waste

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Discarding food is upset and a waste of money. We are usually very busy and can forget what is hidden at the bottom of the fridge. Food dehydrators help store forgotten fruits and vegetables. Dehydrate fruits and vegetables before you go on holidays so you don’t waste what you don’t have time to eat. Empty the fridge and fruit bowl and dehydrate before going out!

Dehydrated foods are impressive, but very easy

I’m one of the busy moms and I envy food when I see how wonderfully creative others are with baking and bento ideas. I’m getting better, but my muffins don’t look as good as the pictures and I’m guilty of burning Anzac biscuits every year. However, dehydration of food is so easy that there is no mistake. Cut into small pieces, prepare the food, pop it on the tray, set the timer, and leave. If the food is too dry, you can rehydrate it by adding a small amount of water. So now I’m a mom having healthy homemade fruit leather in the park, I’m impressing my friends with my delicious cheesy kale chips, and I’m always the last and last play in the house I like to know that I have homemade fruit scrolls every day.

Dehydrated foods offer health benefits

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The benefits of using a dehydrator are that it retains the original vitamins, minerals, and natural enzymes of the food, which is far superior to other forms of food preservation. Unlike cooking and steaming, you do not lose the nutritional content of dehydrated foods. Dehydration of food requires only one ingredient: dry food. You can feel confident that your snacks are 100% natural. See a list of ingredients for some packaged “dried” foods. You may find additional ingredients used for preservation, such as sugar, sodium, chemical additives, and saturated fats.

Ideas never run out

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Owning a food dehydrator gives you the flexibility to stay creative with healthy snack ideas. The options are endless!

  • Prove sourdough to keep it warm and active
  • Make your own jerky
  • Dry your granola
  • Fruit leather
  • Citrus decorations for cocktails and dishes
  • Vegetable chips, kale chips, banana chips
  • Dry the flowers
  • Dry herbs
  • Preservation of pears, apples and berries
  • Make your own yogurt

You can save money

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Dehydrated foods also last a long time, so if you buy agricultural products in bulk according to the season, dehydrate them and store them properly, you will be able to eat them all year round and save money.

Snacks and organic convenience snacks purchased from dehydrated stores are usually overpriced. Excalibur calculates that it costs one-tenth the cost to dry it yourself, rather than buying it in the store. For most people who eat dehydrated foods, dehydrators are self-paying within four months compared to buying dehydrated foods in stores.

If you decide to add a food dehydrator to your home, Excalibur is a trusted brand and is known for its high quality products as all products are still manufactured in the United States today.

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The Benefits Of Owning A Food Dehydrator Source link The Benefits Of Owning A Food Dehydrator

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