The Bachelor Recap: Stephanie the Pilot Hater and Gassy Sierah Told in 21 Tweets

Well, we made it.Another year, another season Bachelor’s degree.. This time I have a pilot Jimmy with eyes that look straight at my soul, but that doesn’t matter.

The point is Jimmy Wants to find love (surprise!) That has never been done at this show.

But not only does he have, it shouldn’t be too difficult for him 23 women Fighting for his love, but seeing his parents’ home, he loaded AF.

Anyway, let’s move on.

After some montages of Jimmy Think deeply, He makes a spectacular entry in front of everyone’s favorite guy, Osher, And – as you can imagine – an airplane.

Osher is impressed by the pilot’s ability to fly and begins to get excited about what’s available for Jimmy.

Now that the procedure is over, it’s time for the true soul of the show, the part we all have been waiting for.

Arrived on the ladies red carpet.

These women have only one thing in their hearts when they dress in nine and bring gifts-Jimmy.

Start with Brooke, a 27-year-old occupational therapist. Brooke gets off the limousine with a “love cake” in honor of the Sri Lankan tradition.

It was a fairly solid force move by Brooke who knew that the way to the man’s mind was his stomach.

Next is Curly, who has an envelope in his hand. After all, it’s a contract! Curly is actually a lawyer! Who thought?

She goes through the terms of use for dating Jimmy, and ngl, it’s #bossmove.

next Jay, He begins to brag about her chess skills to Jimmy, who has never played chess in his life.

She then challenges him to the game and … loses. Are you sure you’ve never played a game of Jimmy in chess? I doubt it.

Jay then admits that Jimmy looks better than anyone he’s ever dated and hurts for all the men she’s dated before.

Next is the speech pathologist Laura. Immediately after eating the love cake, he strangely looked into Jimmy’s mouth and said, “At least he has a good tongue.” Isn’t this show a PG?

Immediately after the blunder Sierra When she appeared and thought things wouldn’t be strange anymore, she admitted she wanted to flatulence all the while talking to Jimmy.

Thanks to Jimmy, she didn’t farewell, but even if she did, it probably Belinda’s Rotate the engine.You see, she’s a sexy criminal lawyer of course, She must own a sports car.

We have a brief montage of all the women who are considered not interesting enough to have their own moments, and a shot of a Chihuahua in a suit named Lenny.

Then there are women who bring music like their wives. They’re healthy and sweet, and you’re rooting for them because the show’s soundtrack tells you to do so.

Then they show a lot of women who don’t know what Jimmy is doing to make a living, so he says he’s a pilot … about 50 times.

Flight manager Chanel came in and it was really a match in heaven. She asks what Jimmy is doing to make a living, and he makes pilot jokes that go far beyond Chanel’s (and everyone at home) head.

afterwards, Stephanie, A gamer girl who is the dream of every man.She will admit later Hate pilot.

Fast forward to the cocktail party, Osher finally makes his spectacular entry. The crowd is raging! seriously. Had Osh not been married, he could have been the next Bucky.

Despite absolutely hating the pilot, Stephanie stole Jimmy for a while, but Sierra, our gas queen, couldn’t handle it, so she moved for murder. I will.

She could honestly tear only one, and Stephanie would certainly run on the hill, but she kept it polite.

Jimmy begins to feel pressure, what do you say? Do so many women want to date him? What a tragedy. He always wants to give them, but it’s difficult.

Suddenly there is a mess. There is an intruder! Lily Crane operators fall from the sky when the smoke of a single companion is on the sidelines.

You will then be taken to the long-awaited rose ritual. There, Osher seems to have lost his voice, and everyone in the room appears to have been exposed to one of the Sierra’s flatulences.

Two women are forced to go home, and unfortunately Lauren And Annabel, It was them Turn around to say goodbye To those they know for 3 hours.

Bachelor’s degree in Australia It will be broadcast at 7:30 pm with 10 and 10 plays.

The Bachelor Recap: Stephanie the Pilot Hater and Gassy Sierah Told in 21 Tweets Source link The Bachelor Recap: Stephanie the Pilot Hater and Gassy Sierah Told in 21 Tweets

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