The Bachelor: James Weir recaps episode 4 | Embarrassing fail in C-word fight

The bachelor’s degree made a humiliating blow while trying to grab a headline with an obvious scandal. A summary of James Weir.

Even the C-word scandal cannot revive the once prosperous bachelor’s degree franchise on Channel 10. The series is now similar to the lukewarm microwave meal that contestants must eat during the show’s integrated advertorial.

Only 360,000 metro viewers attended to watch Wednesday’s episode where the C-word scandal was teased tonight. It was a humiliating blow, probably resulting in network executives using similar explosives.Nine, repeat Travel guide — A show where a strange family catches a Jetstar flight to an affordable destination — attracted 454,000 viewers. It’s the worst nightmare of network bosses when a country wants to hang out on a Jetstar flight rather than seeing a big event at their station.

As the old saying goes, if one girl calls another girl a C-word in a sticky mansion and no one around is listening to it, did that happen?

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So why doesn’t anyone see this freak show? It’s really hard to say. These episodes are very fascinating! For example, who doesn’t want to see a sad bachelor complete a hedge maze?

Producers need to ask Osher to hang out in the medical waiting room and spin off to see an old man complete a crossword puzzle in a crumpled magazine.

The overall purpose of this show is to sell a glittering romantic fantasy to the audience, but the best thing a producer can give us is a thunderstorm rolls and knocks everyone out of a rental stand-up paddleboard. Meanwhile, it’s a mid-week date on a dirty beach.

Another girl is in the mansion complaining about her while a girl called Holly records a single date and she is swept away by a beach cyclone.

“I’m really angry that Holly has one date in front of me,” Stephanie smokes. “Holly sucks, guy. What do you know, (she) ab * tch. I don’t have time for her.”

Sounds reasonable.

But Stephanie still has something to say. She sits in the living room with a couple of other gals and enjoys relaxing herbal teas as the morning sun passes through the French doors.

“So Holly’s behavior,” she observes. “That is, I can hardly tolerate 10 minutes with her, so spending a day with her is like eating a nail. I actually just say she without a rose and a kiss. I think I’ll be the first person to come back from one date. (It’s a) A bucket of cold water on her stupid head. “

Other girls sit down and avoid eye contact, hoping that the unpleasant moments will pass. Stephanie is completely unaware. She recognizes that awkwardness and makes one final declaration. “Sorry, Jimmy, this is the real me,” she shrugs at the camera.

Stephanie’s prediction is completely wrong.Holly doesn’t just kiss When Rose—But she is also taken to Jimmy’s house, where she is forced to indulge in a sponsored microwave meal. Suddenly, a bucket of cold water over her stupid head sounds more attractive.

Despite the previous trash story, we arrived at the cocktail party and everyone seems to be well. That’s a good sign. Let’s leave the sneaky words of the past. It’s a new dawn and a new dawn-

“What happened?” Stephanie spits.

She sees Jimmy pull Holly apart in a more private time. It seems that we need to continuously count how many times C-word is said in this episode. Currently, there are up to three references. Stephanie doesn’t care who hears her — she’s just blurring it in front of Holly’s friend Brooke.

“Honestly, I can’t believe Stephanie called Holly the C word,” says Brooke. “Look, gossip isn’t my essence, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to call a girl a C-word in a mansion. I think I need to call Steph.”

Brooke doesn’t waste time warning Holly of her new nickname before an improvised group conflict occurs.

“Terrifying words were said,” Holly tells the girls.

Steph is ridiculous. “What did you say?”

Holly continues. “We are no longer in high school …”

Steph intervenes. “Funny, you say we’re not in high school, but you’re the one starting an unnecessary drama …”

“Because it was inappropriate.”

Group chat descends into a sparring match between Holly and Stephanie.

Steph squints. “But don’t you think your actions are more inappropriate than-?”

“Rather than calling someone CYou next Tuesday? Probably not.”

“When did someone call you ac ** t? I didn’t call you ac ** t.”

Brooke confirms that she heard it.

“When did you call her ac ** t?” Steph asks. “I don’t think I said that. Did you misunderstand me? Because I wouldn’t call it to her. I wouldn’t say that. That is, turn on the mic. I want to hear the playback. “

Well, thank you to Kew and Stephanie. Here’s an instant replay I prepared earlier:

The cross-examination ends and no conclusions are reached. Holly doesn’t care anymore, and we don’t care either.

Stephanie sighs with one of his minions and flock to the backyard. “But isn’t she such a person?” She asks.

Evening C word tabulation? Six. Also, the number of people who tuned.

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