The Bachelor Australia: Jimmy Nicholson says he was ‘stitched up’ by producers

As viewers point out that Jimmy Nicholson’s kiss count has already risen after Episode 3, the pilot reveals that everything isn’t what it looks like.

Bachelor’s viewers quickly pointed out that Jimmy Nicholson didn’t mind the cheeky pash this season. By episode 3, I locked my lips with 4 women.

However, according to the Hanky ​​pilot, he is “stitched” by the producer and has never actually kissed more than one player in a day.

Talking to Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa, 31-year-old Jimmy joked that he was being teased by his peers for the “tongue training” he was doing at the show, recording what actually happened off-screen. Was set straight.

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“Jimmy, you’re throwing your tongue very early on in your competitors,” Fizzi told a real-life star.

Jimmy laughed and argued. “This is my jailbreak card. I just kissed one girl a day,” he explains. “A lot of things seem to be happening, but it was filmed. It’s okay for days.”

“So it was only one day, did they pack it into a package?” Fitzy asked.

“Yes, they sewed me together!” Exclaimed Jimmy.

“I’m kissing like three people in each episode and receiving messages from my peers.” Wow, my tongue is shaking a little! I’m sorry mom! “He joked.

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It comes after he kisses both Ash and Curly In last night’s episode..of Last week’s episode 2, Brooke Lily also won a kiss from Sydney Cider.

Jimmy told the radio host about kissing Curly before the rose ceremony: Then I looked back and it was like, “Oh, I forgot it.” “

His admission urged Fitzy to ask if he was prone to knocking back a few drinks before heading to a cocktail party to “calm down”.

“Yes, I had some soft drinks, or maybe a cheeky espresso martini,” he said.

Before the season began, Jimmy was open about the physical connections he made with some women and told The Daily Telegraph that he got “a little my pass”.

“There will be some episodes where I kissed a few girls,” he admitted, adding that “Australia wouldn’t think I’m a prostitute.”

The Bachelor Australia: Jimmy Nicholson says he was ‘stitched up’ by producers Source link The Bachelor Australia: Jimmy Nicholson says he was ‘stitched up’ by producers

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