The Bachelor Australia beaten by Farmer Wants A Wife finale in ratings

Despite its popularity in recent years, the bachelor’s degree was launched last night to the smallest audience ever – defeated by a surprise show on a rival network.

For a long time, viewers have marked the premiere release date on their calendars at The Bachelor on Channel 10.

But this year Reality show has started It reached the lowest rating ever, with 568,000 and only 482,000 metro viewers nationwide.It was late Include Farmer wants wife Seven finaleWrote the eye-catching 835,000 metro on Wednesday night, demonstrating the success of this season’s amazing assessment.

Even more shocking, ABC defeated the maiden in a series of episodes on Channel 9. Bach Episode, Nine Travel guide Earn 597,000 metro, Hard quiz According to 502,000 Tonight’s tv..

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Viewers’ thirst for news as the coronavirus pandemic prevails Bachelor’s degreeAlso, 680,000 metro viewers are in sync with ABC 7.30..

In another puncture wound on the network, it was the lowest-rated Bach premiere in history.

Last year, Channel 10’s love search was open to 681,000 metro viewers, to 828,000 in 2019. A year ago, starring rugby legend Nick Cummins, 940,000 metro viewers were a huge success. Increased from 2017 and 2016, 882,000 and 846,000 participated, respectively.

Season 1 (669,000) and Season 2 (692,000) also had more metro viewers than this year.

Even though fans seem happy that the network has chosen a new face for the franchise Pilot Jimini Corson in control Not an existing reality star Like Rocky Gilbert in 2020..

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Talking to news.com.au prior to Wednesday’s premiere, Jimmy confirmed that he found love at the show.

“She’s great, we’re both really happy,” he said. “We chat many times a day, but at the moment we have a lot of Facetime. I’m really happy, so that’s good.”

The 31-year-old woman also hinted and revealed that there was a swirling drama in the upcoming episode. There was an incident in the house where he lost his composure.

“Especially one night something happened when I broke the hut a little,” he said. “Penny realized that someone who was there, who I thought was this person, was actually a completely different person.”

Jimmy said he was “frustrated” and “irritated” and things had reached the “boiling point”, confronting singles and talking to them all.

“It would be interesting to see how that happens,” Jimmy said of the drama. “But that’s what it is. I’m not perfect.”

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People who listened to the red carpet episode were excited to see host Osher Gunsburg come back and talked a lot about the contestants.

The episode had several victories and dominated the time slot for viewers under the age of fifty.

“The co-pilot Jimmy’s journey has just begun,” said a Channel 10 spokesman.

“Premier episode Bachelor’s degree in Australia Flying as # 1 entertainment show for nights 25-54 and under 50, and in major demographic time slots for teens 16-39, 25-54, and under 50 Did.

“I can’t wait to share all the dramas, all the romance, all the twists and turns, and even the turmoil. Jimmy is still looking for him happily.”

Tonight, Andrew Bucklow from news.com.au will be joining Jimmy’s potential love interests in the annual group photo shoot.

The bachelor’s degree will air on channel 10 from 7:30 pm tonight

The Bachelor Australia beaten by Farmer Wants A Wife finale in ratings Source link The Bachelor Australia beaten by Farmer Wants A Wife finale in ratings

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