The Bachelor 2021: Jimmy and Lily close to kissing in steamy photoshoot

The chunky pilot Jimmy Nicholson was single and single during a sexy photo shoot on Thursday — and we can certainly see why.

From the unlucky bachelor forced to wear a Dorkie outfit to the inevitable flirting with the camera as fellow contestants see, the annual bachelor photography is certainly disappointing. did not.

Not so with the new Bach Jimini Corson, who exhibited an impressive 6-pack with sultry topless snaps.

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The Thursday night episode, starring news.com.au’s own Andrew Bucklow, featured a drama among contestants this year.

Early front runner Lily fortunately won the most intimate setting with Jimmy while the shirt was saturated and posing in the fake rain, and he looks pretty happy about it. I did.

On the other hand, the woman watching from the bystanders did not.

“I’m not going to lie. I think all of us girls were a little frustrated,” Belinda said from a bystander.

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“Standing there with Jimmy, yeah, I think I got pretty lost at that moment. That is, it’s raining and everything is very wet. And I’m a little further forward. I did, “said Lily.

And – they kissed.

“I think I might have put him in a really bad position with the girl, but don’t be angry, as I did,” she added.

As expected, the girls were absolutely fine.

“Her boldness to do it in front of all of us,” exclaimed a girl.

Elsewhere, Tahnee and Sierah – that Candid confession Wednesday night It will go down in the history of reality shows – we challenged the traditional “enemy fighting for a bachelor’s degree” photography challenge. As a result, one woman always seems too strong.

Two guesses in the photo below:

The time Tatam, Belinda and Tamlin spent with Jimmy in front of the camera was modest and relaxing.

And finally, there’s the weirdest adult movie opening scene ever. With Jacinta as a sexy cleaner, coquettish flapping wings, Jimmy’s complete reassurance, and Rebeka and Stephanie starring as golfers and high school girls. Laura as a sexy grandma.

What a great choice for Osher’s family album.

Bachelor Australia will continue next Wednesday night on Channel 10 from 7:30 pm.

The Bachelor 2021: Jimmy and Lily close to kissing in steamy photoshoot Source link The Bachelor 2021: Jimmy and Lily close to kissing in steamy photoshoot

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