Thanks A Million: Cancelled travel plans in COVID turned Adam Glezer into a consumer advocate

When Adam Greza’s vacation to Italy and Israel was canceled by COVID-19 last year, he struggled to get his money back and was in a perfect position to help others in a similar situation. I noticed. Eventually helping thousands of Australians get refunds from travel cancellations in 2020, sales managers have become consumer advocates and are now helping to reform consumer law related to the travel industry. I am.

Melbourne’s father was nominated for the Thanks A Million campaign by one of them, Shirley Ryan. He said he had regained $ 75,000, including $ 30,000 in holiday credits, thanks to Glezer. “Adam has been enthusiastically advising how to get a refund from a holiday canceled by a pandemic,” Ms. Ryan said in her nomination. “With his advice, $ 75,000 is back with $ 30,000 in credit. He’s free to spend his time. Without this one man, thousands of non-travelers wouldn’t have to pay. It will not be left behind or refunded. “

media_cameraThanks to Million People – Adam Glezer has become a consumer advocate helping hundreds of people get their money back from a vacation canceled in 2020. Photo: Wayne Taylor

Following his holiday refund challenge, Glezer launched a Facebook group on this topic, flooded with petition for help. He is currently monitoring several social media groups, including travel industry issues – the need for change for Australians, with a total of about 16,000 members.

“I just wanted to help as many people as possible get their money back from the canceled trip,” Glezer said. “Others have been helped by other members of my consumer group. In this situation, people feel lonely and confused, and I say people help and they are not alone. I wanted to create a community where I could go for the senses.

“This situation (where the trip was canceled) especially affected vulnerable people in the community. Elderly people, financially struggling people, people with mental illness. Fundamental mental health problems. It was close to a turning point for those who have. “

Greaser especially recalls the story of a woman who was refunded nearly $ 30,000 after six months of negotiations and the sad story of a young woman who was on the verge of suicide due to the stress of losing $ 3,600.

Together with his team, Glezer is in the process of proposing a law change to the federal government.

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Place of originThanks A Million: Cancelled travel plans in COVID turned Adam Glezer into a consumer advocate

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