Texas weather: Family of boy killed in cold snap sue power companies for $100m

The 11-year-old boy is one of dozens of Americans killed in the brutal cold after being frozen in the house in a major power outage.

Americans are reacting to anger after dozens of people have died in Texas extreme weather and others face catastrophic electricity bills just to stay alive.

The recent disaster that struck a poor country Horror winter storm,this Snow covered normally refreshing Texas Last week it took the power of millions of inhabitants.

The· Unprecedented weather It also caused turmoil across several other southern states.

At least 70 people died as a direct result of sub-zero temperatures, lack of heating, and stormy weather, and 11-year-old Cristian Pavón Pineda emerged as the tragic face of the catastrophe.

Last Tuesday, a child was found dead under a pile of blankets in a family unheated camper van in Conroe, Texas.

The boy was playing in the snow the day before his death before being struck on suspicion of hypothermia.

The GoFundMe page has raised over $ 111,000 for a shattered family from Honduras so far and provides details of the horrific losses.

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“The family was off for two days due to the low temperatures seen in the Conroe area. It dropped to 12 degrees (-11C) early in the morning of February 16,” a statement on the GoFundMe page read. It was.

“Christians turned out to be lifeless. We are trying to raise money so that we can move our bodies to Honduras.

“His wish was to see his grandparents again. That’s what his mother wants to accomplish. Hopefully help him with whatever he can to achieve this. God blesses you.”

Christian’s mother, Maria Eliza Pineda, has filed proceedings against two Texan utilities. If residents notice a continuous power outage and the company fails to protect the local power grid, her son claims to be still alive.

She will sue the Entergy Corporation provider and the Texas (Ercot) Electrical Reliability Council for $ 100 million.

“Ercot and Entergy have taken preemptive actions that could avoid the crisis, despite knowing the dire weather forecast for at least a week ago and knowing that the system hadn’t been prepared for more than a decade. I couldn’t take it. I wasn’t ready to deal with the immediate crisis at all, “the proceedings claim. BBC.

But sadly, Christians are just one of many victims of meteorological events and inadequate response to American disasters: hypothermia and exposure, carbon monoxide poisoning, fires, car accidents, and other events. Many other lives related to are also lost. storm.

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“So Broken”

Meanwhile, many survivors have also argued that electricity prices have skyrocketed in the wake of this. Coldsnap sees a desperate shopper exposing supplies from a supermarket shelf.

One of them was 33-year-old Dallas-based De André Upshaw, who was beaten with an astonishing $ 5717.90 ($ A7214.07) bill “with less than a week of electricity.”

He’s just one of the myriad Texas people who blame utilities on social media as the crisis progresses.

“We used AC at 64 degrees (17.7C) to deal with intermittent power losses and saved energy last week (literally, I’m wearing three layers of clothing, a beanie and gloves. (My living room) Still, our usage is four times the previous month and we are charged 90 times more, “he posted on Facebook over the weekend.

“Why is America so broken? I feel blessed to have electricity even when others don’t have it, but I’m unemployed … we’re still pandemic In the midst of it, hell (Texas) is literally frozen, and these people are trying to get $ 6,000 from us, literally the boldness to warm our home during 0 degrees Celsius. I’m waiting.”

Another Texan, 63-year-old Scott Willoughby, also came forward after clearing his savings with an electricity bill of $ 16,752 ($ 21,135), which is 70 times more than usual.

“My savings are gone,” said a military veterinarian. New York Times.

“There’s nothing I can do about it, but it broke me.”

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The blunder caused anger from Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, who demanded that Texas cover the bill of his city’s inhabitants, claiming that the state system had disappointed the population.

He said CBS News He had previously raised the need to have “sufficient reserves” to prevent power outages, but his plea was ignored.

“This was all foreseeable. I wrote about it in 2011, and because of these exorbitant costs, it’s not the consumers who bear those costs,” he said. It was.

“They are not responsible for what happened this week.”

His claims have been repeated by several other Texas leaders, and criticism has also increased. U.S. Senator Ted Cruz fled his hometown of Texas in the midst of a crisis for a vacation in Cancun, Mexico...

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has declared a catastrophe in Texas. This means that federal cash can be used for rescue operations. For many, it’s too little and too late.

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