Terrence McCallion: Twist in Murray River death police investigation

Police are asking an anonymous caller to the crime stopper to re-contact information about a 55-year-old man who was found dead on the Murray River almost six years ago.

The message to the mysterious caller on Friday is Generally appeal at the beginning of the week For important details leading up to the death of Terence McCarion.

McCarion was found fully dressed in the river by a group on a houseboat between Bruces Bend and Psyche Pumps in Mildura around 3 pm on May 1, 2015.

Police believed he had been assaulted in a quarrel on the bank of the river shortly before his death, and investigators repeatedly spoke to a man who was considered to be of interest.

media_cameraTerence McCarion was found fully dressed on the Murray River around 3 pm on May 1, 2015.

When Mr McCarion went into the water, he said he was on the riverbank and police began screaming for help from those on board the passing houseboats.

It is believed that he soon left the scene of Terence’s White Nissan Pulsar.

The group used a small boat to recover the Bronga man and attempted CPR on him before the paramedics arrived, but he died in the hospital later that night.

In a statement, the family said they were wondering what happened to Terence and why.

“Parental death is by no means easy, but the violent nature of father’s death and the mysteries surrounding it made it especially traumatic,” he said.

“Dad welcomed everyone into the house and created an extended family that he loved as his own family.

“The answer will help give us the coveted closure, so we will eventually move forward from the constant pain of not knowing who he is and what he is to each of us. I can remember what I meant. “

Police have released an image of Terence's white Nissan Pulsar.Photo: Included
media_cameraPolice have released an image of Terence’s white Nissan Pulsar.Photo: Included
A unique spider sticker was affixed to the right rear door of Terrence's vehicle.Photo: Included
media_cameraA unique spider sticker was affixed to the right rear door of Terrence’s vehicle.Photo: Included

Sergeant Adam Brimer, Sergeant’s Criminal Deputy for the Mildura Criminal Investigation Unit, wants police to know more about Terence’s previous moves on Thursday morning, April 30th and Friday, May 1st. Said.

“We know that there are people who know what happened that day and want them to be in a position to come forward and support us,” he said. ..

“We have a person of interest. He was told by an investigator, but he is looking for more witnesses who may have talked about him, up to the quarrel on the riverbank that day.

“Investigators are convinced that there was a quarrel on the Victorian side of the bank that caused Terence to enter the water that day.”

If you have any information, please call Crime Stopper at 1800 33 3000.

Initially published as follows Twisted in the investigation of the death of the Murray River

Place of originTerrence McCallion: Twist in Murray River death police investigation

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