Tensions flare between China and India over Line of Actual Control

While global attention has been focused on rising tensions between China and Taiwan, another alarming clash could boil.

When tensions between China and Taiwan reached record highs, another battlefield quietly emerged, following reports of an intensifying conflict between the communist superpower and India.

For decades, the two countries clashed in areas along the Himalayan border and culminated in the war in 1962, resulting in the establishment of the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

The repellent area is in the western part of the Gallowan Valley in the Ladakh region near Tibet, but countries disagree on the exact location and accuse them of violating each other on a regular basis.

In most cases, these disagreements did not lead to violence, but in June 2020 A bloody controversy arose, At least left 20 Indian soldiers killed..

It wasn’t until February this year that China admitted that four of its citizens had been killed in combat, but unconfirmed reports at the time showed that number was much higher at 45.

Since then, tensions have subsided – but now it seems to be on fire again.

China’s new “violation”

On Monday, the Indian Ministry of Defense claimed that China was no longer in compliance with the border agreement.

“The Indian side pointed out that the situation in line with the LAC was caused by a one-sided attempt by the Chinese side to change the status quo and violated the bilateral agreement,” the statement said. ing.

“Therefore, the Indian side made constructive proposals to resolve the rest of the territory, but the Chinese side disagreed and could not offer positive proposals.”

according to Indian eraThe nine-hour crisis meeting between both sides on Sunday ended in a “bitter stalemate,” resulting in China “virtually threatening” India.

One source told the publication that the conference “did not move an inch” for a peaceful solution.

“As a result, the much bigger problem at Demchok and Depsan Plains’ Charding Ninrunnarah (CNN) track junction seems insurmountable so far,” sources added.

“Unreasonable and unrealistic demands”

Meanwhile, Beijing accused India of “irrational and unrealistic demands” and rebelled.

“China has made great efforts to ease and cool the border situation and has demonstrated its integrity to maintain the overall situation of the relationship between the two troops,” said the PLA Western Theater Command. Long Shaohua, senior colonel commander, said in a statement.

“But India still insists on unreasonable and unrealistic demands, making negotiations more difficult.”

Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece Global Times In a bitter article following a new controversy, India accused India of “causing a new incident along the eastern border.”

“Chinese experts say China should not only refuse to succumb to India’s arrogant demands at the negotiating table, but also prepare to protect itself from the new Indian military aggression, in a new conflict. We warned about the risks, “the report said.

another Global Times An article on Monday reported that China was “preparing for future conflicts” over LAC.

War threat

Deterioration of relations between India and China will occur as experts become more and more concerned about the possibility of a new war following China’s vigilant actions near and in its airspace.

And those fears seem well-founded. Diplomat Recently, I reported on the “simulated Taipei” that was built at the Zhurihezhen Combat Training Base in Inner Mongolia from late March 2013 to mid-March 2015.

The publication reported that “similarities stand out” between the replica and the real thing.

Diplomat He reported that the construction of a simulated city, coupled with the staging of aggression training, was an important step forward in the crisis.

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Place of originTensions flare between China and India over Line of Actual Control

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