Tennis news 2021: Twist behind Naomi Osaka viral photo, ballkid, fate, Australian Open, Jennifer Brady

Naomi Osaka noticed the details in this photo, but the ball kid involved revealed that it didn’t happen at all.

Teenager Mar van der Melwe was an unconscious star of the show at some point in the Australian Open final last weekend, but it could have been almost different.

A photo of a 15-year-old ball kid was infected with a virus For the facial expression of her later Naomi Osaka defeats Jennifer Brady in a straight set She won her fourth Grand Slam title and her second crown at Melbourne Park.

The snap captured by Getty Images’ Quinn Rooney attracted a lot of fans, but it wasn’t until the second half of the week. I caught up with the reason why Osaka itself is doing rounds on social media..

“When I look at the pictures of AO, are now aware of the Beauregard … Hello” Osaka has posted to Twitter waving the love of the heart and emoticons.

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Marl wasn’t even supposed to be a ball kid this year, but something has changed, as fate has it.

She was usually one year old and couldn’t be a ball kid. So 2020 should have been the last appearance at the Australian Open, but due to COVID-19 the restrictions have changed and another gig has been given.

“They regained some of the older kids because they couldn’t train new ball kids for COVID, and I was one of them, so I have another chance I got it, “she said. Herald Sun..

Talk in ABC breakfast On Friday, Marl said he wasn’t sure if he would accept the unexpected opportunity, but when he died he decided to start over what he really enjoyed.

“I didn’t mean to do it for school, but decided to do it at the last minute,” she said. “I couldn’t miss it. I decided to do it and it led to this (Osaka photo).”

Marl quietly cheered on Osaka during the match, but said he would have been just as happy as professional Brady had won his first grand title in the final.

The young man just learned about Osaka’s tweets and has collected over 74,000 likes since then. When her mother sent her a link while at school, she gave more street credit among her friends.

Meanwhile, Osaka started socializing again on Friday, this time A bold new look featuring straight, bright pink hair Pink eyeshadow — Far from the usual brown curly lock, it pulls back into the ponytail when you’re on the coat.

It’s possible that we were testing the wig to see what it would be like for the second place in the world to turn pink a day, but that looks pretty legitimate to us as a dyeing job.

Osaka mentioned Japanese manga character Sakura in her post, and Olympic sprint legend Usain Bolt was a fan and commented on Instagram: “I wore it better @naomiosakalol “.

Osaka hit Brady 6-4 6-3 at Rod Laver Arena last Saturday night. Victory speech attracted attention due to awkward, unintended bloopers..

After asking Brady if he was called Jennifer or Jenny, the American replied “Jenny.” However, Osaka returned to Mike and said, “First, I want to congratulate Jennifer.”

The accidental one-liner cracked the internet, and the snab may have insulted the injury, but the four major winners Scary to know that she completely ignored Brady’s instructions..

On Twitter on Sunday, Osaka wrote “OMG no” in a crying and sad emoji. “I promised I thought I called her Jenny at that moment, but I promised that the reason why the crowd was laughing was so confusing. I’m sorry,” she said.

Place of originTennis news 2021: Twist behind Naomi Osaka viral photo, ballkid, fate, Australian Open, Jennifer Brady

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