Tarkett Powerbond Garden Walk Collection

Tarkett’s Powerbond Garden Walk Collection is a flooring solution designed for geriatric care facilities.

With an impermeable lining, Powerbond looks like a carpet, but acts like vinyl, protects the slab from moisture ingress, and is a common frustration in geriatric care facilities: foul odors and moisture buildup. To prevent. The chemically welded seams of the product create a wall-to-wall moisture barrier that makes it easy to extract leaks and spills without reaching the substrate.

Flooring provides the warmth and comfort of a relaxing life, Settings for healing, lifestyle and leisure. This array of warm colors and patterns gently hints at organic materials from the outdoor environment, incorporating the imperfect beauty of nature. Each sophisticated design carries a deep, soothing tone that creates a soothing atmosphere and gives a sense of well-being.

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