Sydney Zoo’s Oldest Koala Celebrates Her 16th Birthday

Koala Faith spent her sweet 16th birthday on February 25th at a zoo in Darling Harbor, Sydney, in a style that adheres to the marsupial lifestyle. Friendly eucalyptus cake. Faith exceeded the life expectancy of other koalas in the wild and became a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother in the process, the zoo said in a statement to Storyful. Faith is the oldest koala in the zoo, leading a stress-free lifestyle, including 18-20 hours of sleep daily and a completely eco-friendly diet. According to the zoo, mature koalas enjoy a beautiful sleep on top of trees and will complain about koalas trying to get closer to their space. Credit: WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo via Storyful

Place of originSydney Zoo’s Oldest Koala Celebrates Her 16th Birthday

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