Struggling pubs, clubs call for more liquor licence fee relief

The state government has stated that it is “very unlikely” to continue to exempt liquor sales licenses for pubs and clubs that have been hit by a pandemic, but consider applying for an exemption from where you are struggling. Can be done.

Treasurer Rob Lucas said InDaily Starting in July, the government is likely to impose a liquor license fee following the relaxation of social distance restrictions.

However, he said the government would continue to monitor the situation up to the state budget and consider exempting venues affected by the restrictions.

It was after the government announced in March that it would exempt hotels, restaurants, cafes and clubs that had to be closed during the pandemic from licensing fees for the 2020-21 period.

Most restrictions have been relaxed, but the venue can only be operated by one person per square meter of capacity and dance is prohibited.

“There are signs that the restrictions have been relaxed, and game consoles are up and running,” Lucas said.

“Some places are relatively strong, while others are strongly influenced by density requirements and so on, so a full exemption is unlikely.

“Watch your budget and then consider whether adjustments are needed.

“If we are doing something, it can be on a case-by-case basis.”

The move has been welcomed by the Australian Hotel Association, and Ian Horn, general manager of the state branch, describes the exemption proposal as a “reasonable” approach.

Mr. Horn said that in Adelaide CBD and some areas, “a significant number” of venues are still “kneeling” and struggling to get enough sponsorship.

“There will be many venues where 2021 will be a really tough year just because of its location and type of operation,” he said.

“Now that the government has the opportunity to settle down and see where the real need lies, there is an opportunity to be a little more bespoke about how they can tailor their response to individual facilities, not just blankets. I think.

“If you don’t save your business, you can’t save your work, so try to bring our business to life as much as possible.”

Mr. Horn said that continuing to exempt the liquor sales license at the venue where he is struggling “is not necessarily different between those who survive and those who do not,” but it provides some relief. right.

“We haven’t seen tens of thousands of dollars at these rates, but if you’re an independent and independent bottle shop you’re probably looking at $ 2,500 a year, and if you’re a small bar or pub you’re looking at a year I’m looking at about $ 900, “he said.

The federal government plans to cancel JobKeeper’s payments on March 28th.

Sugar Nightclub owner Driller Jet Armstrong said he was “wrong” to waive his liquor license for two years after the Randall Street venue was forced to close during a pandemic and then reduced in capacity. “No,” he said.

Armstrong said the recently approved COVID management plan can only accommodate up to 106 patrons each night, regardless of how long they stay at the venue.

The normal capacity of sugar is 225 at a time.

If the government does not provide him with an exemption, Armstrong’s liquor license will start next fiscal year from about $ 3,000 paid before the state government’s controversial liquor license reform was announced in 2019. It costs $ 15,531.

“We’re already limited in numbers, so revenue shouldn’t be at this time of the year,” he said.

“If we had to pay that $ 15,000, that would be shit.

“It won’t work financially.”

“We are not in a position to seriously consider paying fees just because we are caught up in the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions,” Horn said.

“I hope the standards are clear and simple and can really be communicated to those who continue to need help,” he said.

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