Striking coastal Hamptons home hits the market

Today, the Hamptons style is considered an ideal family home.

Built in the classic Hamptons style, the impressive house, known as the “White House,” will be placed under a hammer in one of the Gold Coast’s most popular districts.

A pure white 5-bedroom house in a 768-square-meter block 63 Alec Avenue, Mermaid Waters Built for families in 2018, it has become a local landmark.

Sold by Daniel Donovan and Connor Malang of Ray White Mermaid Beach, it will be auctioned on April 17th.

The White House has become a local landmark.

Mr Malang said the auction is expected to be hotly contested and buyers are enthusiastically demanding new Hamptons homes.

“I think the Hamptons style is what people now imagine when they think of an ideal family home,” Maran said.

“The popularity of these types of homes hasn’t slowed at all.

“In this case, it’s perfect for Gold Coast locations because it has a high-quality finish and a very timeless style of new build appeal, and a beautiful white color palette maximizes natural light,” he said. ..

Refreshing Coast: Blue and white classic furniture for white and wood finishes.

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Owner Sarah Wallace said the custom build by August Holmes was inspired by the Cape Cod-style home of Muskoka Lakes, who spent her childhood summer in Canada.

She met her husband Josh abroad and the couple moved to the Gold Coast where he grew up, raising two children, Marley (9 years old) and Flynn (6 years old).

“When we first built it, a lot of people stopped and stared at it and said,” You did a great job. It will be great. “

This style is inspired by America’s refreshing lakeside homes and the owner’s hometown of Canada.

“At that time, the Hamptons style was just beginning here, and I was really proud to make something that not only we love but also please our neighbors,” Wallace said.

“It became known as the White House, but some of the kids around the corner call it the Barbie Dream House.”

It’s bright and bright, which makes life with your family easier.

The house has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

The two-story house is white on a white background on the inside and outside, with light-colored flooring and a refreshing outdoor fun deck.

Wallace designed a stunning 25m lap pool to fit the unusual contours of the block, maximizing the remaining space in the backyard for children to play with.

Inside, there are 3 spacious living areas and a media room, an office and 3 bathrooms.

Ms. Wallace said she plans to rent a seaside home while her family is looking for another knockdown opportunity.

Place of originStriking coastal Hamptons home hits the market

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