Star Scientific wins Emerging Technology of the Year award

Star Scientific, an Australian hydrogen research and development company, was awarded the Emerging Technology of the Year at the 2020 Global Energy Awards.

Andrew Holbus, Chairman of Star Scientific Limited’s Global Group, said this was a proud moment for the entire Star Scientific Limited team, who have been working hard to develop their heroes into what they are today. Said.

“We were selected as a finalist from about 300 entries from more than 36 countries, recognizing our ingenuity and potential for commercialization,” he says.

“This award recognizes that HERO has created its own category in the energy sector and has been prepared to address the gap that will significantly change the world’s hydrogen use.”

According to Horvath, Star Scientific is an Australian company with global reach and aspirations.

“Our technology will bring about an seismic shift to hydrogen as a future energy choice. Currently, green hydrogen is receiving a lot of attention worldwide, but there are gaps in its deployment for industrial purposes,” he said. Explains.

“We believe this is where HERO appears as the last link in the hydrogen chain.

“The world is watching how Australia takes advantage of its unique benefits to develop a large hydrogen industry,” says Horvath.

“This award further emphasizes Australia’s global interest in hydrogen production and capacity. We are pleased that the future of hydrogen is very exciting and we are part of it.”

Horvath added that the award is “a testament to the efforts and dedication of everyone at Star Scientific Limited.”

“Everyone, from our amazing engineering and science team to our shareholders, finance and administration departments, has been enthusiastic about the progress of HERO®. Today, we are globally recognized for our work.” He says.

Martin Frenkel, President of S & P Global Platts, said: “Congratulations to Star Scientific for receiving the Emerging Technology of the Year award.

“In a very turbulent year, this year’s group of winners will reorganize around obstacles, drive breakthrough technology, complete transformative deals and focus on long-term energy sustainability. It was particularly impressive and encouraging to see how he continued to match. “He says.

“Tonight’s winners, and finalists, are to celebrate their personal and collective achievements as well.”

The S & P Global Platts Global Energy Awards is an annual award sponsored by S & P Global Platts, an independent provider of commodity and energy market information and benchmark prices.

Founded in 1999, the S & P Global Platts Global Energy Awards highlights achievements in 21 categories across the energy sector.

Star Scientific wins Emerging Technology of the Year award Source link Star Scientific wins Emerging Technology of the Year award

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