Sri Lankan Monks ‘Ordain’ Last Legume

Sri Lankan monks set a specimen of the only known local tree seed in the world on Wednesday to prevent them from being axed to give way to the highway.

The Sri Lankan legume (Crudia zeylanica) was first classified in 1868 and last discovered in 1911. In 2012, a lonely tree just north of Colombo was declared extinct until it was suddenly discovered in 2019.

However, an eight-meter (26-foot) factory will be cut down this week to allow the construction of a highway to the central pilgrim city of Kandy until environmentalists warn and ask for help. It was planned.

Buddhist monk Thangalle Saarada set foot in the area, blessed the plant with some others on Wednesday, and tied a saffron robe around its trunk while playing a chant.

“This tree is now symbolically a monk,” said Salada after tying a robe and sprinkling blessed water.

Buddhist monks tie saffron robes around the trunk of the only known specimen of Sri Lankan legumes or Crudiazeylanica trees
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“We want to save the tree from the government.”

The act of mercy of the monks is expected to save trees, and Buddhism is widely respected in the 21 million island nations where it is the majority religion.

In fact, most people believe that they are cursed to harm sacred plants.

“From a conservation perspective, it is very important to save from destruction,” said Hiran Amarasekera, a professor of forestry and environmental sciences at the University of Sri Jayewardanapura.

“It needs to save the entire ecosystem, not just the plants,” Amara Sekera told AFP.

Government spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella said environmental issues will be addressed on board and a final decision will be made after further consultation.

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