Speed up pharmacy vaccine rollout to end lockdown, says report

Accelerating the deployment of vaccines to pharmacies could help Australia reach its 80% vaccination target up to two months earlier than current expectations, according to a new study from McKell Institute.. According to the report, this strategy can also avoid the economic cost of $ 12.3 billion.

Missing Link: How Pharmacies Can Accelerate Australian Vaccine Deployment‘Reports that the federal government failed to meet its pharmacy vaccination target, delaying national vaccination efforts to one million (targeting 2000 pharmacies by July 1). In contrast, less than 65 pharmacies were the reality).

However, if the government can quickly get involved in about 4000 Australian pharmacies that are eligible to vaccinate, 80% of the population can be vaccinated in 128 days from the current forecast of 184 days. ..

Michael Buckland, Executive Secretary of the McKell Institute, said the investigation showed that it was the federal government’s duty to withdraw all suspensions to ensure that pharmacies were online.

“The government now understands that we are in the fight against COVID-19, so it’s confusing that it’s very slow to deploy a national pharmacy, one of our most powerful divisions. We do, “Buckland said.

“The vaccine supply problem has been resolved, but it’s not very good to have ammo unless it’s in the hands of someone who knows how to use ammo.

“Recent moves to accelerate the use of pharmacies in the wake of the lockdown are welcomed, but in reality the government should not rest until all 4000 eligible Australian pharmacies have been vaccinated daily.

“It’s not surprising to focus on conscientious objectors as an obstacle to Australia’s vaccination, but evidence shows that the administrative difficulties people face are a bigger problem, jabs at local pharmacies. Making it available can be a great help in fixing this.

“We all want to see the other side of the blockade. If the government acts swiftly, we can save all two months and $ 12 billion,” Buckland added.

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Speed up pharmacy vaccine rollout to end lockdown, says report Source link Speed up pharmacy vaccine rollout to end lockdown, says report

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