South Australia records two new COVID-19 cases, taking state’s cluster total to 14

Two more cases of coronavirus have been recorded in South Australia, bringing the state-wide cluster to 14.

The new case is a brother and sister in their twenties who visited the Tenafet Creek Winery on the weekend.

Currently, there are seven cases associated with a winery north of Adelaide, and another case of a child under the age of five is associated with a Greek restaurant in the city where many infected people ate on weekends. I will.

A man in his 40s, one of the winery cases, also attended Golar’s school on Monday, expressing concern to other staff and students.

Nicola Sparia, Chief Public Health Officer, states that there are multiple cases related to both wineries and restaurants, both of which are considered superspreader sites.

The number of potential exposures has risen well over 50, mainly in the northern and northeastern suburbs of Adelaide.

Late Wednesday night, SA Health identified new sites related to COVID-19 positive cases in Elizabeth, Fairview Park, Holden Hill, Seacliffe, Sally Downs, Evanston, Greenwith, Modbury, and Golar.

A complete list of exposed sites can be found Here..

The cluster also prompted a surge in testing at nearly 13,000 on Tuesday.

In a report that the long line was waiting for more than 10 hours, Prime Minister Stephen Marshall said authorities would do everything possible to increase test resources.

Marshall said authorities “as much as possible” to empower defense personnel on both local and interstate highways to help nurses and doctors on interstate highways provide further assistance. I’m pulling all the levers. “

The changes also include the opening of dedicated facilities for those who have been inspected and instructed to enter their home quarantine, and the disclosure of estimated waiting times for all SA’s over 80 inspection sites.

“We don’t want people to get angry or frustrated late. We’re increasing capacity across test sites,” Premier said.

“There is one shot to prevent this from happening.

“We have a chance to pinch this in a bud. We don’t want a long-term blockade in South Australia.”

The SA virus cluster was associated with an 81-year-old man who recently arrived in Australia from Argentina and traveled to Adelaide after being quarantined in Sydney, where he tested positive.

Genome tests confirmed that the man was infected while in Sydney instead of Argentina.

During the week-long blockade that began on Tuesday night, South Australians are only allowed for five reasons-providing essential care, seeking medical assistance, purchasing essential food and other merchandise. Up to two and a half hours for essential work or exercise.

You also need to wear a mask outside the house.

The school was closed along with most retail stores and all construction work was discontinued.

So far, about 6,000 people have been forced to quarantine their homes after their visit. Potential exposure site..

Place of originSouth Australia records two new COVID-19 cases, taking state’s cluster total to 14

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