Sons of Sam: Who Were “The Children”?

Based on the work of journalist Morley Terry Netflix Sam’s Son: Descent into Darkness Look over there David Berkowitz For the shooting murder that took place in New York City from 1976 to 1977. According to the title, Terry’s theory was that Sam had more than one son, not just one.Ultimately, Terry, the so-called Sam’s son, Scientology Charles Manson’s family.. But how did that connection come about? Here’s what you need to know:

Terry associated him with John and Michael Carr while investigating Berkowitz. They were literally a man and son named Sam. Journalists strongly believe that these brothers were involved in the murder of Sam’s son and further investigated their past connections. He discovered that his brother had been linked to the Church of Scientology in the past. A deep dive into Scientology reveals a branch of the group called the Final Judgment of the Process Church. Study to become a Scientology auditor, Robert and Mary Andegrimston I met him at the L. Ron Hubbard Scientology Institute in London in the 1960s. After his experience in Scientology, the duo wanted something more extreme, so he started the process of dealing with psychotherapy techniques at first.

de Grimstons A catastrophic hurricane in 1966.. Convinced that they were connecting good and evil, they began to focus on bringing the end of the world to open up a new way of life. The Process Church has set up camps everywhere (including the United States) and has begun to participate in dark rituals, including wearing black cloaks and sacrificing German shepherds. When they spread to California, they even connected with cult leader Charles Manson, and some believe that Manson learned everything he knew from the process.To family, Author Ed Sanders initially suggested that Manson belonged to the process chapter, but later withdrew this claim. When the church sued him..

The Process Church went underground in 1974 and began to divide into smaller groups. A cult called Children has appeared just north of New York City. Since then, the Process Church has denied any connection to Sam’s son’s case. However, Terry theorized that Berkowitz may have played a role for the children in the same way that Manson did for the family. Both groups had strange family names and also integrated occult practices into their rituals. In a letter to Terry, Berkowitz also admitted that he was part of a larger group that carried out the murder of Sam’s son. Many have used skepticism about terrorism for years, but his comprehensive evidence was unleashed in the ’70s, despite being marked by many rabbit holes. It may convince you that you were not the only perpetrator of terrorism.

Sons of Sam: Who Were “The Children”? Source link Sons of Sam: Who Were “The Children”?

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