Social media is calling for the noble bin chicken to be the 2032 Brisbane Olympics mascot

The white ibis is a symbol of Australia’s urban ecosystem, but it is relatively unknown outside of our coast. Now our citizens want to share that filthy dignity with the rest of the world.

last night, International Olympic Committee Announced to be hosted by Brisbane 2032 games.. Forget the fact that the capital of Queensland did not protest. The news is that a noisy celebration was held, such as a fireworks display and cheers from a small crowd gathered to see it. Live feed from Tokyo..

Third time in Australia Held a game, 2000 in Sydney, 1956 in Melbourne.

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But of course, the discussion on social media quickly turned into the most important question. It is who or what will be chosen to represent the city of Brisbane as the official mascot of the convention. People spoke clearly: Noble Bin Chicken.

Also known as Threskiornis Molucca, Australian white ibis is a beast that lives everywhere in birds. It’s common to pick up cheese from an empty pizza box or sit on the edge of a trash can to scan for half-eaten chippies.

Its tendency to remove human excrement undermines its naturally white character with grayish urban scum and stinky bottle juice. And I sincerely hope that you are reading all of this in the voice of David Attenborough. You will do so because I mentioned it.

Native species (contrary to popular belief, neither wild exotic nor of Egyptian origin) were once rare in urban areas, but have been common in many cities across the country since the 1970s. It came to be seen in.

For the obvious reason I mentioned earlier, Australians across the country advocate that this noble creature receive the second highest honor in the country after the coat of arms. But that may mean we have to eat it, and nooo thank you.

If people give way, this majestic bird will join the mascots of the 2000 Sydney Olympics: Kookaburra Olly, Platypus Sid, Millie and Harimogra, and Frill-necked Lizzy Lizzie.

Place of originSocial media is calling for the noble bin chicken to be the 2032 Brisbane Olympics mascot

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