Snap up a devil of an opportunity in Taranna – Tassie’s famous Unzoo

Tasmanian Devil Anzu in Taranna.Photo: Included

One of Tasmania’s most popular and important tourist attractions has hit the market for the first time in 40 years.

Located in Taranna, just 10 minutes from Port Arthur, the Tasmanian Devil Anzu is a world leader in shaping the future of zoos in the 21st century.

Unlike traditional zoos with rows of cages, the innovative zoo concept invites visitors to natural habitats where barriers have been removed or hidden.

Tasmanian Devil Anzu has four Tasmanian Devil enclosures that are required by law.

Please come to see the devil.

Accept a large open space with unzoo.

Gorgeous mansion of the property.

John Blacklow, Knight Frank’s commercial sales consultant, said it was extremely rare to have the opportunity to sell a zoo.

“It’s certainly rare because I sold the Bonoron Wildlife Sanctuary about 15 years ago,” he said.

Blackrow said such businesses and property would definitely appeal to animal lovers.

“I imagine a husband and wife with a family might be the demographics of the buyer. The numbers are so good that they will suit investors,” he said.

Called an “innovative project,” Tasmanian Devil Anzu is an international design consultant whose owner, the Hamilton family, created a master plan in 2007 to transform a traditional wildlife park into an immersive natural experience. This is John Coe’s vision.

The zoo opened as the Tasmanian Devil Park in 1979 and has since become the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park, reflecting ongoing efforts to protect demon species and raise awareness of devil facial tumor disease.

Please come to explore.

A unique tourist destination.

A gift from the zoo to the whole family.

In 2014, the park was renamed Tasmanian Devil Anzu. This reflects a new “Anzu-like” spirit.

John Hamilton has owned the property since 1978 and was awarded the Qantas Award in 2012 for his outstanding contribution to Tasmania’s tourism industry.

Hamilton was part of an original science group that identified the demons as threatened and needed quarantine and wild demons to save the species.

His proposal to establish a disease-free breeding project has resulted in the breeding of more than 1000 healthy demon insured populations at facilities throughout Australia.

Prior to COVID-19, Tasmania’s tourism sector was flying, and Mr Blacklow said he hoped to recover from where Apple Isle was interrupted.

“We expect to see a strong number of visitors once we are sure through the vaccine,” he said.

“Tourism in Tasmania has not yet fully recovered.

“In the last four months, the number of visitors has increased significantly, but this meant cancellations as some states closed their borders on a regular basis.

“This is a challenge for the industry as it undermines the confidence that travelers can book their trips reliably.”

Tasmanian Devil Anzu is home to vast shrublands, wildlife habitats, a traditional botanical garden with a native orchid sanctuary, cafes, visitor centers, annexes, and 1890s mansions.

It is in. 5990 Arthur HighwayThe 9.16 ha park and residence in Taranna will be sold by a statement of interest ending March 25, 4 pm.

Place of originSnap up a devil of an opportunity in Taranna – Tassie’s famous Unzoo

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