‘Slowly but surely, the people will wake up and that’s what these plutocratic elites fear the most’

Sky News moderator Cory Bernardi said the agenda is moving fast, revealing falsehoods and “knowing who you can trust and how you can prepare for the future.” It’s more important than ever. ” “Now there are a lot of important things you need to know, and what’s to come is a battle between individual freedom and centralized power,” he said. “Now, the power-hungry plutocracy seems to be victorious. They scared almost everyone to submit to the coronavirus. Under the guise of emergency power, the government robbed you of your freedom and elected. He postponed the decision to unsuccessful politicians and abandoned his finances. “They hid the facts, refused to admit the truth, and named their opponents” conspiracy theorists “in order to give way. “Many of your media services are now as unreliable and dishonest as our political class. Weaving a distorted view of the world where censorship seems to dominate the day. Even the medical world seems to be armed by crappy “experts”. “Given that most people have mild symptoms in the first place or no symptoms at all, Bernardi said he raises the question of why the public should be urgently vaccinated. “We know who is most vulnerable to this disease and our health system seems to be able to cope well. Experts say it’s all about getting back to normal, but it’s not. Vaccinated people can still catch and infect the disease, “he said. .. “The global impetus is to give those who are clearly” untrustworthy “more power and control over us all. These people are rewriting history to suit them. They poison children’s minds with harmful and harmful notions of racial and gender mobility in school. They insist that we submit to global medical experiments, even though they show that they are only knowledgeable guesses about the reason. “For decades, totalitarians have taken a step toward babies, but they are now sprinting towards the finish line and feeling victorious.” Bernardi said to us. “We can no longer rely on the government to do it for us,” he said, so it is now up to the people to stop this madness. “We need to reduce their numbers and increase our numbers. We can make our own decisions, break away from government dependence and pursue a mission of personal autonomy and decentralized authority. It’s an individual, “he said. “Try as they may resist the ringing of the liberty bell, established forces cannot stop what comes, so they double their efforts to advance their own agenda. They only hurriedly exposed their weaknesses and hypocrisy. “People will wake up, and that is what these plutocracy elites are most afraid of. “

Place of origin‘Slowly but surely, the people will wake up and that’s what these plutocratic elites fear the most’

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