Slow rollout for coronavirus vaccines in Victoria

Victoria’s COVID-19 vaccination is slowly expanding, with less than one-third of the dose supplied.

According to federal statistics, only 30 percent of Victoria’s dose was injected in the first week of the vaccination program.

Victoria had no new cases for four consecutive days.

There are 10 active cases in the state and 13,525 tests in the last 24 hours.

In contrast, 74% of the NSW dose was administered by Sunday.

On Monday, Victorian Health Minister Martin Foley called on the federal government to become more transparent about its deployment as the state strengthened its regional vaccination program.

“We believe the Commonwealth needs to share more information and be a little more transparent,” Foley said.

His comment is that only a handful of people Wrong dose of vaccine given in Brisbane Elderly Housing with Care..

In another case in Victoria, Pfizer vaccine vials could not be confirmed to be stored at the correct temperature and had to be discarded.

“We were very anxious to hear that there was a cold chain breach when we saw this invaluable Pfizer vaccine essentially wasted,” Foley said.

Despite the faster progress of her state, the comments were repeated by NSW Premier Gladys Beregicrian.

She said New South Wales is “on track” to reach the goal of 35,000 vaccines given in the first three weeks, involving frontline workers and hotel quarantine staff. It was.

But she went to the federal government Pass “as soon as possible” How many doses of AstraZeneca vaccine will be delivered to New South Wales? The first 300,000 of these jabs will land in Australia on Sunday and will begin administration on March 8.

“Our team is ready and ready to strengthen and increase their abilities, but we need to know exactly how many times we are taking it after the 4th week,” says Beregikrian.

“We will need as much information as possible for preparation and scale-up so that we have the ability to provide citizens with more vaccines than expected.”

On Monday, the Victoria State Government launched vaccination hubs in Bendigo and Ballarat.

There are six hubs in Melbourne and Victoria that provide vaccines to hotel quarantine personnel, airport staff, and front-line medical staff.

South Australia, on the other hand, expects to increase vaccinations after receiving only 35% in the first week. Health Minister Stephen Wade said the SA was on track to manage 12,000 in the first three weeks.

“We look forward to steadily increasing that rate, but it’s important to be careful,” he said.

The minister said SA received 4,000 doses last week and expects the remaining 8,000 to arrive in two separate doses within a few days.

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Slow rollout for coronavirus vaccines in Victoria Source link Slow rollout for coronavirus vaccines in Victoria

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