Should journalists be helpful or just tell it straight?

What is the role of a journalist during a pandemic? Do you speak of official policy in the name of keeping the population healthy? Or do you just tell it and let the people come to their own conclusions?

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of Light and shadow of youthLeslie Cannold, author and ethicist, presents two aspects of the debate, which ends in you. What do you think is true, and what do you think Canold really believes in?

Today: The new, fast-moving, constantly changing nature of COVID-19 makes the public more dependent on the media for timely information. But what do journalists owe to the masses? To be useful, or to say it as it is?

Yes: If the report does not support the medical policy presented by the government, it is better to silence the criticism (unless the policy is negligent and wrong). number: It is important for reporters and commentators to provide informed commentary on pandemic policy, whether critical or not. The audience is worth more.

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Place of originShould journalists be helpful or just tell it straight?

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