Shocking allegations against Hollywood producer Scott Rudin

“Absolute Monster”: One of Hollywood’s most powerful men has been accused of horrific bullying and abuse with a shocking new exposure.

Former staff of award-winning producer Scott Rudin talks about the alleged physical and psychological abuse he suffered while working on the explosive Hollywood hotshots.

Rudin is an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Award-winning producer. There is a social network, blood And There is no country for old people. He is also behind a TV show like What we are doing in the shadows And Newsroom..Meanwhile, his theater producer’s credits include Tony Award-winning 2018 To kill the Alabama story.

But according to the new exposition Hollywood Reporter The engine that carries out Rudin’s success in Hollywood, announced today, is built on the ever-changing roster of hard work and trauma of young staff who are constantly being abused by a 62-year-old producer.

Through a spokesperson, Rudin THR story.

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A representative of Rudin’s production company did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

In the article, some ex-staff refused to be mentioned by name for fear of career retaliation, explaining the conditions that Rudin described as abusive and detailed opportunities to expose them to tantrums. Did.

One former staff member insisted on the outlet that Rudin once had a seizure after his assistant was unable to book him on a sold-out flight. They claimed that Rudin broke Apple’s computer monitor in his assistant’s hands and was forced to see a doctor immediately for the bleeding wounds it caused.The staff in question refused to participate Hollywood Reporter The article states that former assistant Andrew Coles was on record and several staff members witnessed the incident.

Another staff member, Caroline Lugo, elaborated on a similar allegation of abuse, stating that Rudin would often throw things around the office like fur.

“He threw his laptop into the window of the conference room and then went into the kitchen. I heard him hitting the napkin dispenser,” Lugo said. “Then he threw a glass bowl at another time. [a colleague]..Did he throw it in the general direction, specifically [the colleague]But a glass bowl smashed into the wall and broke everywhere. HR personnel were left in an ambulance due to a panic attack. That was the environment. “

According to the outlet, the HR representative’s account was backed up by several ex-employees. Claims that Rudin threw things like laptops, teacups, and once potatoes are rather common among ex-employees.

Lugo also argues that physical abuse was not the only toxic labor behavior produced by Rudin. When she took on the job, she made her peace with the fact that she worked more than 10 hours from 5 am. However, because she has type 1 diabetes, she had to cut 30 minutes a day to exercise. Rudin approved it, but six months after her hire, he allegedly got angry with her with a little work and demanded that she skip gym time or work faster. .. She refused.

“I was fired for type 1 diabetes, a disorder protected by the federal government,” said Rugo, who is currently working on development at Netflix. “I could have sued him 100 percent. But I didn’t do it for fear of being blacklisted. But I’ve been working for Netflix for a year and a half, and with employees. It shocked the system because it is one of the most respected and progressive workplaces in the relationship. I am a member of the team where I establish myself and my opinions are respected and welcomed. Now it’s okay to talk about Scott. Everyone knows he’s an absolute monster. “

Other staff also claim that Rudin has a history of trying to put people’s careers on tanks after they quit his job.The article pointed out that the producer’s toxic behavior was somewhat open secret for years, and even admitted earlier. THR A 2014 article about him downplayed the treatment of staff.

Although his behavior was considered eccentric in previous articles, former staff have asked him to take into account his “casual ignorance of human rights.”

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Shocking allegations against Hollywood producer Scott Rudin Source link Shocking allegations against Hollywood producer Scott Rudin

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