Sex Abuse Victim Describes Abuses At Boarding School In Graphic Novel

Cartoonist Glenn Head first revealed in his new graphic memo “Chart Well Manor” the alleged childhood sexual and emotional abuse at a boarding school in New Jersey.

According to the book Description The 63-year-old head, provided by publisher Fantagraphics, spent two years at the boarding school of the same name in the Mendam district, which was closed in 1984, after “an emotional scar in the way he continues to handle.” Was left behind.

“Finding yourself in Chartwell in the early ’70s was like getting into a real-world horror comic. For many who participated in it, it was corrupt, criminal, and corrupt. clearly Before the May 25 release of the 244 page graphic novel.

Read the formula, “No one wants the childhood they get, and no one deserves to go to Chartwell Manor.” Synopsis For graphic novels.

The school, which Head described in his memoirs as a “British” preparatory school, was run by the principal “Sir” Terence Michael Lynch, a British-born serial child sexual abuser. Convicted In 1989, he molested 12 boys in Chartwell Manor. After caressing and beating his naked body, Lynch manipulated the boy into a “hugging session.” New York post report.

“‘Sir’ was a bigger person than the real thing. His speech pattern was cold, vibrant, glamorous, spectacular and close to the boarding school principal’s parody. He was also morbid. He was a liar and a serial abuser of children. Words, he needed to be drawn! ”He was quoted as he said in. statement..

According to a person familiar with the book, it took about 50 years for a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York to process his experience. page..

“My final approach: you have to know what I know,” Head told the New York Post. “You have to know how I feel. What is it like to experience sexual abuse and how do you feel about the sexual behavior that you may have grown up from? It’s a deal that takes place when someone picks up a book. “

“Drawing chartwell manners and their truth has become a matter of life and death for me. Without the truth, there is nothing,” Head quoted. say it.. “Nothing was invented and not exaggerated in this book. It happened this way. To the best of my ability, I drew it the same way it happened. . “

The cartoonist also said he wanted to regain the “Gothic” atmosphere of Chartwell Manor. He said this resembles the atmosphere of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from JK Rowling’s popular “Harry Potter” series of novels.

“This boarding school, an ominous castle in the woods, had a gothic, memorable and memorable atmosphere in my 13-year-old eyes. I was begging for it, “said Head.

Head currently lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and 20-year-old daughter, but said he wasn’t reading a book. “But she knows she’s in it,” the cartoonist told the outlet.

The artist added that although he still suffers some emotional wounds from alleged abuse, he considers himself one of the lucky ones to overcome the challenges.

“I contacted some graduates-and many of the people I knew were children who subsequently committed suicide or died of drug overdose. Others [got into] Criminal. Many were born from that school. So many students have experienced what I have experienced. Alcohol, narcotics, and sexual behavior followed, partly to this. I’m very lucky to have been clean and calm for a while. “

Meanwhile, Lynch died in 2011 at the age of 77. Before he died Convicted Again, after assaulting three men at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Morristown between 2004 and 2005, he disguised himself as a volunteer doctor performing hernia checks, genital examinations, and spanking.

According to the New York Post, his victims received $ 780,000 in abuse, but students who abused in Chartwell Manor have not yet received civil compensation.

Expression. Cartoonist Glenhead’s latest graphic memo, “Chart Well Manor,” talks about the sexual and emotional abuse he experienced as a child at the boarding school from which he was named.
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Sex Abuse Victim Describes Abuses At Boarding School In Graphic Novel Source link Sex Abuse Victim Describes Abuses At Boarding School In Graphic Novel

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