Scrubbing up to the challenge

When Van Nguyen graduated and became a registered nurse, she had a hard time finding a good scrub locally. The scrubs available lacked comfort, style and functionality.

Van is a critical care nurse at Sunshine Hospital, one of the busiest emergency departments (EDs) in western Melbourne.Van founded with his sister Lin Scrub lab To solve her scrubbing worries.

“My research shows that there are gaps in the Australian market, and healthcare professionals like me are paying a lot of money just for shipping to get decent quality scrubs from abroad. I noticed, “Van said. “With this in mind, I approached my sister Lynn, and realized that we had the opportunity to make a difference.

“As a front-line worker in ED, all I really wanted was a stylish, functional and comfortable scrub. This made me feel better, look and feel better every day. “

Van and Linh wanted the scrub to be functional, flattering, comfortable for medical professionals to wear during long shifts, and more pockets essential.

“I couldn’t stand how unattractive scrubs were. Sometimes having to wear scrubs for work seemed like a hassle. I envisioned something creative, colorful and fun. “

Van explained that her mother was very talented and seamless and was able to bring her sister’s prototype to life.

“I was overwhelmed after working with the prototype. It was confirmed that I really needed a functional, stylish and premium quality scrub, so the Scrub Lab was born!”

Scrub Lab’s portfolio is available in a variety of colors and styles, so healthcare professionals will look good and feel good when wearing them. To set it apart from its competitors, Scrub Lab fabrics are antibacterial, anti-wrinkle, very soft quality and designed to stretch in four directions.

Scrub Labs have grown exponentially in response to changes in healthcare professional apparel options nationwide in response to pandemics.

“The pandemic has created a shock wave through the healthcare system, which has made us more aware and alert about infection control. We are now fighting invisible enemies. So it was a big risk for our family to go to work and go home during the pandemic. I didn’t want to take it home, so the demand for scrubbing increased. Occupational therapists, science Everyone, including therapists and management staff, was encouraged to change from casual clothes to scrubs and began wearing them instead of their own uniforms. “

Professor Declan Murphy, Director of Robotic Surgery Peter McCallum Cancer Research Center Melbourne is one such expert who throws away his “suit and tie” uniform for a more comfortable scrub. Dr. Murphy came across a scrub lab by chance.

“One of Dr. Murphy’s colleagues wore our scrubs and he thought they looked great, so he approached us to buy some scrubs for himself.” Said Van. “He was amazed at how comfortable and well-fitted they were. His exact comment he left on our website was” great. ” It fits snugly, has convenient pockets and is easy to wash without ironing. “

Scrub Lab has received numerous reviews and emails from happy customers who are truly grateful for the availability of Australian brands that offer comfortable and stylish scrubs.

Van said: Our customers definitely like our designs and colors. It’s a game changer and excites them to go to work. “

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