Scott Morrison says MPs will be covered by new workplace sexual harassment laws

Lecherous lawmakers and judges who fumble for staff and sexually harass their colleagues will be hit by new workplace laws for the first time.

The sexual harassment law that has governed the Australian workplace for years does not apply to politicians and judges.

However, the Prime Minister confirmed on Thursday that everything was about to change so that staff and colleagues could file a complaint with the Fair Labor Relations Commission.

“Everyone has the right to work safely. Sexual harassment in the workplace must be banned,” said Scott Morrison.

However, because voters elected him to parliament, the consequences of finding out that he had sexually harassed someone in the workplace are still unknown. Parliamentarians will not be dismissed for serious illegal activity.

“When we draft this bill, there are still many issues we are trying to solve,” he said.

media_cameraScott Morrison and sexist Kate Jenkins. Photo: Gary Ramage / NCA NewsWire

“I don’t think the recommendations are detailed as to the drafting of many of these provisions and how those issues are dealt with. It is the established principles and MPs that are important to the judge. Yes, we also take up the recommendation that state officials are not exempt from these arrangements.

“It is correct to notice that parliamentarians are in different situations because of the nature of the way we get these jobs.

“We have one boss. That’s the Australian people who elect us. It’s a process that needs to be done carefully in drafting.

“We are subject to the same law as others. That is, you are subject to the same consequences. Someone can bring a complaint against you to the committee. You can see the complaint. If it is endorsed, it will be endorsed. “

The March 4th Justice Rally in Sydney last month.Photo: Jenny Evans / Getty Images
media_cameraThe March 4th Justice Rally in Sydney last month.Photo: Jenny Evans / Getty Images

Employment Minister Michelia Cash asked again what the outcome would be and suggested that voters would take action.

“I think it will affect the legislators themselves who are found to have violated the sexism law. I think people will speak,” she said.

After the first meeting of the new Women’s Cabinet Task Force, the Prime Minister announced today: Act on all recommendations In a “Respect in the Workplace” report from Kate Jenkins of the Sexism Commission. It was first handed over to the Morrison government a year ago, and the Prime Minister blamed COVID-19 for delays in action.

However, the bomb’s announcement was that the change would extend sexual harassment law to cover lawyers and judges for the first time.

Senator Cash said there were changes to the terms of employment for parliamentary staff.

“We will amend the definition of serious illegal activity in the Fairwork Rules to include, for example, sexual harassment, and also clarify that sexual harassment may be the reason or justification for dismissal.” She said.

Senator Michelia Cash. Photo: Gary Ramage / NCA NewsWire
media_cameraSenator Michelia Cash. Photo: Gary Ramage / NCA NewsWire

“I think our goal this year is to create a law amendment package and whether it can be implemented in time for budgeting, that is, to implement it by the end of June to implement it. But it’s important … I think we have a law that is sensitive enough to engage in drafting that law that we consult about it. “

The prime minister was also asked if the new law would “prohibit flirting” in the workplace.

“I think they are practical questions and highlight the complexity of this issue,” he said.

Morrison said a public relations campaign might be needed so that people can start “classifying what’s okay with their own minds.”

“We need to have these conversations and people need to understand what’s wrong and what’s wrong at our workplace. People just want to know,” he said. ..

“I think we often deal with unconscious behavior. We want to be informed of that behavior. Some of the unconscious behavior can lead to that hurt sensation. I think people will be happy to change their behavior if they know. Dismissal with their fellow Australians.

“In other cases it is malicious and in other cases it is predatory. In other cases it is violent and I think of them – those lines are much clearer and here today I think what we are doing in is particularly powerful in dealing with those types of behavior. “

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