Scott Morrison addresses Victoria’s deadly floods after landing in the UK for G7 summit

Prime Minister Scott Morrison arrived in the United Kingdom prior to the opening of the G7 Summit in Cornwall.

Before meeting with other world leaders, Morrison spoke to the media and acknowledged the recent emergency in Australia.

“I would like to assure people that they will continue to be in close contact with the situation in Victoria, especially the horrific floods that have already killed them, and I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the families who lost their loved ones there. “He told reporters.

“If a flood occurs, forget it. That’s a clear message. The federal government works closely with the state government to ensure that regular disaster recovery assistance works with the government. Victoria. “

“Australia has never been so important to sit around such a table,” he said, as at the G7 Summit.

“We will address the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the recession it caused, and the recovery we are building, where today’s economy is bigger than it was before the pandemic, especially within Australia,” he said. Said.

Morrison and other world leaders faced the problem of landing in Cornwall due to the thick fog that covered the summit.

Morrison will attend three sessions on health, economics and climate at the G7 and will meet with individual leaders as bystanders.

This year’s summit will be the first in two years since the 2020 conference (scheduled for Camp David in the United States) was canceled due to a coronavirus pandemic.

Vaccine equality, climate change, energy, security, and international relations between China and Russia are expected to be on the agenda.

The British government has announced that the G7 Group has promised to share the jab directly and, through financial assistance, donate a billion doses of vaccine to poor countries.

Leaders will also come up with plans to expand vaccine production.

Prior to the summit, President Joe Biden said the United States would donate an additional 500 million doses of vaccine to 92 poorer countries and the African Union by June next year.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who hosts a three-day summit in a coastal village in Carvis Bay, has announced that his country will offer 100 million surplus doses, most of which will be distributed through the COVAX vaccine sharing program.

The G7 Group continues to disagree on the issue of removing patent protection for coronavirus vaccines, as proposed by the United States and several other countries.

French President Emmanuel Macron said Thursday that France and South Africa would offer a limited-time exemption and application to specific locations during the summit.

The group also aims to discuss plans to better prepare the world for future outbreaks. According to the DPA’s draft “Carbis Bay Health Declaration,” “we need a global solution.”

In the draft, G7 leaders “strengthen our collective defense to better prevent, detect, respond to and recover future pandemics through effective multilateral action and an enhanced global health system. I promise that.

On Friday night, the leaders will attend a reception hosted by Queen Elizabeth II and her son, Prince Charles. At this reception, the agenda is the fight between environmental protection and climate change.

French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Macron arrive at Cornwall Airport Newquay before the G7 Summit.

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The summit is the first direct meeting of leaders in this form in two years after the de facto meeting of G7 leaders last year for a pandemic.

This is Biden’s first major international summit to attend as part of a week-long trip to Europe.

The G7 consists of the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and Canada. Leaders from Australia, India, South Korea and South Africa will also be invited as guests on Saturday.

Johnson said he hopes this will make the summit a more major democratic conference.

Place of originScott Morrison addresses Victoria’s deadly floods after landing in the UK for G7 summit

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