Schapelle Corby to appear on Dancing with the Stars 2021

Convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby will be featured in the next season of Dancing with the Stars.

Schapelle Corby will now appear on another Australian reality show, not as screaming as SAS Australia.

The convicted drug smuggler, 43, will star as a “wildcard athlete” next season. Dance with the stars..

Tonight’s tv Report that the star will participate in the show among other contestants.

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The only star that has ever been confirmed to be in the show Home and away Former actress Ada Nicodemou Daily edition Host Tom Williams and Fox FM Radio Presenter Fifi Box..

Other rumored cast members include Luke Jacobs, Lincoln Lewis, Bec Hewitt, and Erin McNaught.

Last week, Fifi Box spilled when attending the show, and she joked that she “did not leave this chair” for two and a half years. Before my daughter Daisy was born..

“Fitness hasn’t been mine for the last couple of years. I haven’t done much … so surprised, surprised, I’m about to hit the dance floor,” she co-hosted Brendan.・ Talked to Febora and Nick Cody.

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“I’ve been on the dance floor for 14 years. It takes a long time between dances … I’m back!” She explained her time at the show, saying: I added. Dance with the stars In 2007, it was one of the highlights of my life. I loved it so much, it was this wonderful experience.

“I don’t know who else will join. I don’t know much, but there’s a dancer and his name is Jeremy. I don’t know if he knows what he’s against.” She joked.

Fifi was second only to Kate Severano in Season 6 of 2007.

Ada Nicodemou is back in the ballroom with her former dance partner Aric Yegudkin.

The pair was the 2005 Season 3 Champion and was defeated. Seven news With presenter Chris Bath Australian idol Judge Ian Dicco Dixon..

As for Kobe, she last appeared on Australian television when she joined the cast. SAS Australia In 2020.

She was a competitor that everyone in the house liked to see, but she didn’t go through episode 2.

Schapelle Corby to appear on Dancing with the Stars 2021 Source link Schapelle Corby to appear on Dancing with the Stars 2021

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