SAS Australia stars Dan Ewing and Koby Abberton secret off-screen deal revealed

Two of the celebrity new hires this season signed a private deal before the show, but when a big moment came during the course, everything changed.

SAS Australian star Dan Ewing has opened up a secret deal away from the camera with fellow rookie Kobe Bryant.

The two teamed up early in the series for a boxing match – the first 2020 cast was also a notorious mission challenge.

Ewing told news.com.au that he knew what could be ahead and that he and Braboy had a private conversation before arriving at the base camp before filming.

“We knew they were trying to do boxing, so I said.” The former Home and away Said the actor.

Ewing, 36, explained that he did not necessarily agree to “try to kill each other” as well as “step on the move.”

However, their off-screen agreement seems to have disappeared after Ewing was paired with Aberton in a boxing match during the course.

“When we went out, I looked at (Aberton’s) eyes and they were just bright red,” he said.

“I was like’I made a mistake here.’He’s small, but he’s a trained fighter, so I was like … protecting his face!”

During the brutal scene aired on television, Aberton lost his headgear, but the two men were encouraged to continue fighting.

“When his headgear came off, he was an absolute machine and hit me 3000 times, but I felt,” I can’t do this. It’s not comfortable to do this on a TV show. ” “Ewing said.

Not surprisingly, Aberton was declared the winner, and SAS Chief Instructor Ant Middleton told the actor:

“Yes, the staff,” he replied.

Ewing, one of the last five celebrities still enrolled in the course, noticed that he was on the firing line of SAS director staff Mark “Billy” Billingham. During the episode on Tuesday night..

The recruits were placed in a fierce driving situation where they had to transport the “VIP” to a safe place, negotiating obstacles, shootings and explosions.

Instead of going through the blockage, Ewing appeared to freeze and instead stepped on the brakes before moving the car backwards.

But when confronting Billingham after the challenge, he justified his decision by explaining that he was planning to reverse to “gain momentum” – but the instructor didn’t have it. bottom.

“You really offend me,” he exclaimed to the actor.

SAS Australia We will continue to Seven at 7:30 pm tonight.

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SAS Australia stars Dan Ewing and Koby Abberton secret off-screen deal revealed Source link SAS Australia stars Dan Ewing and Koby Abberton secret off-screen deal revealed

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