SAS Australia: Sam Burgess’ flirty texts resurface after admitting affair

The frivolous text that former soccer player Sam Burgess sent to his mistress during his marriage reappeared after admitting that he had an affair at SAS Australia.

The message Sam Burgess sent to a woman who had an affair in Melbourne reappeared after admitting that a former rugby league player was fooling his ex-wife.

Burgess to appear this season SAS AustraliaWas cross-examined by Shaw’s soldiers for all his past controversies, including his nasty divorce, court appearances, and drug driving charges.

“When I was driving a car, they found cocaine in my system. It’s pretty embarrassing. It’s pretty embarrassing about that.” Burgess said in an episode on Monday.. “For the last 18 months, I felt like a loser. My marriage broke down. I just retired from sports. My ex-father took an AVO against me …. retired Two days later, I moved away. “

“Is it already on the way?” Asks one of the soldiers.

“Yeah, a little, yeah. I don’t think I was the best husband at times. I confused my wife. I had an affair with a girl, a woman in Melbourne. Yeah. That’s true. I’m on tour. I was out to. I’m sorry it happened. “

The news of the incident first appeared last year News Corp got WhatsApp message Between Burgess and women from October 2017 to May 2018.

In the leaked message, they call each other a “chunky bat,” a “big rig,” and a “monkey.” The pair also shared their photos.

In an edited version of the online exchange, Burgess sent a message to the woman the day before the England World Cup match against Australia in October 2017.

“Sorry, I can’t be honest tonight. I’m totally against everything I do and I set all the criteria and sh * t. Someone the day before the biggest test match of the season If you know or see coming to my room, I’ll be destroyed, “Burgess wrote.

“If I’m not a senior player, it’s easy to do, but I can’t.”

In May 2018, when a woman suddenly sent a message to Burgess after four months of silence, referring to an Instagram post that Burgess made with his wife Phoebe and daughter Poppy Alice, the frivolity about the hotel meeting. The exchange and the text are over.

“I have to say that when I see something on Instagram, I really question all the cr * p you gave me to get into bed clearly,” she said. I am writing.

“All the time I came to my house and talked about how unhappy you are and how you live a separate life … why do you do this not only for your wife but also for me?

“I feel like the biggest fool. I can do that at best.”

Burgess married Phoebe Hook in December 2015 and had her eldest daughter in January 2017. After the birth of their second child in December 2018, the two broke up, settled, and broke up again in October 2019.

The former Rabitos captain retired from the NRL in 2019 due to a shoulder injury, but his personal life keeps him headlined.

In May, Burgess pleaded guilty to three driving charges following a police traffic outage on February 22, and tested positive for cocaine. He landed a $ 581 fine twice and was ordered to complete the traffic offender program.

The former footer star later revealed that he had stopped drinking altogether in an attempt to improve his life.

Burgess was discovered in February Convicted of threatening a estranged father-in-law, Mitchell Hook, because the issue of his relationship with Phoebe arose publicly.But that belief is Overturned by appeal March.

Burgess said Stellar rumen so Exclusive interview last month That’s why his children Poppy (4 years old) and William (2 years old) are confronting the devil.

When asked about the current relationship between himself and Phoebe, Burgess said he was still “caring” for his former partner.

“In essence, I still think it’s the right decision for both of us … I still care about Phoebe, we have two great kids. We work well as a couple. I didn’t go.

“We should work as parents, which is the most important thing for me right now. I am trying to improve myself, so we can be better parents. This is the situation. Is my ultimate goal in. “

A few weeks ago, his ex-wife Phoebe Opened in the aftermath of the collapse of her relationship..

“There are days when I want to give up and fall apart, I just want to break. I fall asleep, so I want to stop everything without waking up for a while, but you can’t,” Phoebe said. Stellar rumen..

“It sounds terrible, but being obsessed with motherhood and being obsessed with responsibility saved my life.”

at first Sam Burgess’s frivolous text to his mistress resurfaces after admitting that he had an affair while married to Phoebe

SAS Australia: Sam Burgess’ flirty texts resurface after admitting affair Source link SAS Australia: Sam Burgess’ flirty texts resurface after admitting affair

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