Sam Newman wife’s death, Amanda Brown, cause of death, AFL news 2021

Sam Newman revealed that his wife, Amanda Brown, had died suddenly, revealing the cause of her death for the first time.

Geelong Legend and Former AFL Footy Show host I found his wife lying on the floor of their luxurious Docklands apartment last month.

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Newman and Brown were together 20 years ago Formally tie a knot in November..

It was Newman’s fourth marriage, and the ceremony took place a few days after Brown’s 50th birthday.

His late wife, 75, said goodbye At the funeral on May 13th.

“What do I miss about her? I miss all of her,” Newman said. 7 news In an emotional interview.

He added that Brown’s death came as an immeasurable shock, and his sorrow is still very raw.

“She had no illness or underlying health problems,” Newman said.

“Just to go home in such a situation and find out where she was … well, I’ll never forget it.

“The autopsy said she died of an aneurysm, a stroke. I don’t know what caused it.

“I know she’s dead, it’s so surreal. You just think” this isn’t happening. “

“It seems absolutely unfair, and I often thought I was actually me rather than her, but then she would probably feel like me. “

Newman first talked about the death of his wife in his podcast, and now revealed that he did so in the hope that Brown might hear his kind words.

“Somewhere Amanda may know that I said so about her. Yeah, she may know,” he said with tears.

Brown remained away from the public spotlight while the couple were together Newman often dealt with fierce backlash for comments Created on social media or on his podcast.

The pair was infamously private and rarely took pictures together.

Newman is a member of the Geelong Hall of Fame and played 300 games in the club between 1964 and 1980.

He also has a broad career in the media as one of the broadcast commentators and faces. AFL Footy Show From 1994 to 2018.

Newman said it would be difficult to adapt to life without his partner.

“I haven’t been alone since I graduated from school,” he said.

Media personality also revealed that Brown was leaving his deceased apartment and trying to get out of the tragedy.

“This is a great place to live, but the memories of where you walked are still pretty terrible, so (moving) could alleviate the pain a bit more,” he said.

Asked if his wife’s death changed his outlook on life, Newman replied:

“It won’t get any worse for me. It will get better over time, and you just have to get up, remember who you are, and move forward.”

Place of originSam Newman wife’s death, Amanda Brown, cause of death, AFL news 2021

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