Sam Frost begs for a celebrity boyfriend in hilarious radio prank

In a new “single bubble” announced at the Sydney blockade, Sam Frost asks Wipper’s manager Mark Clements to connect her with someone famous.

Home and Away actress Sam Frost brought some long-awaited laughter to Sydney’s lockdown after making a prank call to Novaster’s Michael’Wipper’Whipuri manager on a hilarious radio prank.

After the New South Wales government announced a “single bubble” earlier this week, Frost chatted with Fitzje and Wipper and called Wipper’s manager Mark Clements to see if she had a celebrity client who could be isolated. I checked.

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Sam tells Mark that he wants to date someone with a profile because “they just get it,” unlike “some lands I met on Tinder.” She is particularly keen on Sam Mack’s outlook, and she is reluctant when Mark informs her that he is the man who was taken happily.

“Sam is in our book, but he has a partner,” Mark tells her.

“Oh, well, how serious are they? Do you know?” Frost responds.

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Despite having a happy marriage, Sam immediately turned his attention to Wippa.
“Is there anyone else?” She asks. “A rocky relationship is okay because people just give nudge in the lockdown and realize they don’t like each other. What about Wippa? What about his relationship? I know he’s married But he should be busy with kids or something, and he lives in the immediate vicinity of my house! “

Wipper’s wife was very pleased with Mark’s reaction and told Sam: “Wippa has a gorgeous wife and a lovely family. He may want to go for a walk with you.”

Finally, Wipper freed Mark from his misery and interrupted the call, saying, “I was able to move!”

With a sigh of relief, Mark admits that everything was “nuts.”

“At least give me a chance with Cremo!” Wipper shouts.

“Lisa is very proud of my Wipper!” Mark announces, adding that Fitzy:

Sam Frost begs for a celebrity boyfriend in hilarious radio prank Source link Sam Frost begs for a celebrity boyfriend in hilarious radio prank

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