SA to wait for vaccine ‘equity’ before opening borders

South Australia does not immediately open its borders or relax restrictions after reaching an average of 80% immunization mark. Instead, the government will wait for vaccinations to be applied in all local governments.

Marshall announced over the weekend that South Australia will reopen its borders with coronavirus-infected states once the two vaccination rates reach 80%. However, travelers from LGA-specific exposure areas may be locked out of the state.

The government wants to achieve an immunization rate of 80% in time for Christmas, and the state’s current double immunization rate is currently only 41.2%.

However, the rollouts remain unevenly distributed. Latest federal data Immunization rates in some parts of Adelaide’s northern suburbs are more than 20 percent behind the state’s metropolitan areas and southern suburbs.

Accurate data as of Sunday show that LGAS first dose rates for Orroroo / Carrieton, Burnside and Victor Harbor exceed 73%, but District Council of Grant first dose rates are only 16.9%. is.

Marshall told reporters this morning that the government needed to take “corrective actions” to address the uneven distribution across local governments before it could begin lifting borders and relaxing restrictions.

“What we have to do is … not only on average 80%, but also to realize that we want to have real unbalanced pockets,” he said.

“We need to get some fairness in its entirety, and I don’t think it’s going to reach 80 percent.

“I think we need to make sure we’re working all day to identify vulnerable communities. That’s what we’re doing right now.

“If you find an LGA that may have a low vaccination rate, you need to take corrective action.”

Disparities have arisen after the state government announced last week that it would open a new pop-up vaccine clinic in Pooraka that offers 1500 Pfizer reservations.

The government will raise immunization rates in northern suburban parliaments such as Playford, where the initial jab rate has just reached 43.2%, and Salisbury, which has a population of over 110,000 but only 49.3%. I want metric.

Meanwhile, opposition urged the government to expand talks with multicultural community groups in the northern suburbs and establish mass vaccination clinics in the western and northeastern suburbs.

As vaccination rates rise across the state, Marshall said the government would “carefully” consider modeling from the Doherty Institute and plan a trajectory away from COVID restrictions.

But he warned that there would be no “free day” specified when all restrictions were lifted.

“We need to isolate sick people from their close contact, which will be an important part of what we do when opening borders,” he said. ..

“We also need to continue to implement some basic level public health social measures.

“But you can’t keep Australia locked up forever. You have to learn to live with it.

“As we approach the double vaccination rate of 80% for people over the age of 16, we see that the transmission of the disease is significantly reduced, and also when we get the disease after vaccination. It develops much simpler symptoms. “

It will come later reading Epidemiologist Adrian Esterman warns that South Australia “will never return before COVID,” requiring residents to learn to live in the future under restrictions such as social distance and wearing masks. I have.

Meanwhile, Western Australia’s Prime Minister Mark Magawan said a reopening in the eastern provinces with an 80% immunization rate would likely close the state’s borders to South Australia.

South Australia “may regret” the decision to open, said McGowan, whose government has built a reputation for taking a cautious approach to the COVID-19 epidemic during the coronavirus pandemic. rice field.

“Obviously, if South Australia causes the virus to spread to the community, they may regret the decision,” he said.

“If so, obviously we take health advice, but it’s probably close to that jurisdiction.”

But Marshall counterattacked this morning, saying that if Western Australia maintained its border closure, it would be “very isolated.”

“We’ll talk about what we’ve done in South Australia from day one. We followed science, followed evidence, followed the advice of medical professionals, and were actually the worst. The number of days lost somewhere in the country.” He said.

“I will continue to support the methodology introduced from day one.

“Other prime ministers can sort out what they want to do in their state.”

New South Wales reported 1259 new cases and 12 deaths today, and Victoria recorded 423 new cases.

– Tom Richardson with additional reports

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Place of originSA to wait for vaccine ‘equity’ before opening borders

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