SA to lift lockdown early after pizza bar lie misled officials

South Australia’s tough 6 early Saturday night after an extraordinary press conference revealed that a “selfish” infected person had “intentionally” lied about his work at the pizza bar. Lifting the blockade for days-but authorities say he can’t misunderstand medical personnel and shut down the entire state, and fines or penalties will be imposed.

People can quickly exercise with other families outside the home, but the meeting and venue caps will be lifted from midnight Saturday and school will resume on Monday.

Weddings, funerals and religious gatherings will no longer be banned from Saturday night, but the number of participants is limited and the gym can be opened on weekends.

The state’s emergency coordinator and SA police commissioner Grant Stevens said that one person per requirement for a social distance of 4 square meters would return restrictions to the state’s state before the blockade was imposed.

Prime Minister Stephen Marshall is said to have lied to health officials about the “several shift” work at Woodville by an infected person (a kitchen hand working at the Stanford Hotel) in an announcement of a bomb about the unblockade later this morning. After that, he said he was “smoke”. Pizza bar Coronavirus hotspot.

He instead told authorities during a contact tracing interview that he bought pizza from the store.

In doing so, a man infected with the virus from another infected worker at the pizza bar yesterday was concerned that authorities could not find an identifiable link between his case and the so-called Parafield cluster. Blockade South Australia.

The lie was revealed in a further SA Health contact tracing interview.

“These surveys showed that one of the close contacts linked to the Woodville Pizza Bar deliberately misleaded our contact tracking team,” Marshall said. ..

“Their stories weren’t added up, we pursued them, we now know they are lying.

“I do not tolerate the disgrace of one individual in order to keep South Australia in the state of these circuit breakers longer than necessary. But this lie is that our contact tracers contact people. It means that you need breathing space to do. “As long as

Health officials are currently trying to find “thousands” of potential “dangerous” contacts at the Woodville Pizza Bar, Marshall said.

He said the authorities needed to find and quarantine a “whole new group of peers” now that the lie was revealed.

If he had been honest with the contact tracing team, we wouldn’t have been in the six-day blockade.

The government will enhance its contact tracking resources so that by Saturday night, all new close contacts can be found and quarantined as soon as possible.

“It’s an absolutely understatement to say that I’m smoking about this individual’s behavior,” he said.

“This individual’s selfish behavior has put our entire state in a very difficult situation.

“His actions affect businesses, individuals and family groups and are completely and completely unacceptable.”

However, police do not have the power to prosecute a man for misleading authorities.

“The Federal Emergency Management Agency requires people to provide information on demand. There is no penalty for not answering these questions honestly,” Stevens said. He explained that it has a “catastrophic effect.”

“There is no mechanism for us to actually take further action.”

However, he said the circumstances and regulations involved are currently being reviewed.

“This is a fast-moving series of events.

“My team will find out if there is any mechanism.”

Nine people were fined for breach of blockade restrictions, including two found on the beach yesterday and seven who attended a party at the Adelaide CBD last night.

Stevens said the government would review the state’s COVID-19 response and legislation and impose penalties on those who mislead the authorities.

He refused to tell reporters why the man lied to health officials today, but said the rationale would be revealed “at the right time.”

When asked if he would apologize for disrupting their lives by blocking the people of South Australia, Stevens said government officials acted on health advice at the time.

“The apology would suggest that we did something wrong, to suggest that we owe the community,” he said.

“We acted in the best interests of the community based on the information available.

“I think everyone regrets what we had to do. Hindsight is great (and) if this person was honest with us from the beginning, we today Wouldn’t have been in that place.

“If he had been honest with the contact tracing team, we wouldn’t have been able to enter the six-day blockade.”

Police forces are sitting outside the pizza bar this afternoon to discourage vigilantes.

Locals Ashley Williams sometimes said he bought food there and described it as a “pretty good business.”

“It’s just terrible for them and for the whole city,” she said.

“One lie puts the entire state at risk-it’s terrible.”


Effective soon, people can leave home and exercise alone or with other members of the family.

As of midnight on Saturday, South Australia will return to the same limits imposed earlier this week.

They include:

  • All facilities are limited to a density of 1 person per 4 square meters
  • Maximum number of 100 people at the hospitality venue
  • Restaurant table reservation is limited to 10 people
  • Meals and seated consumption of alcohol in hospitality
  • Funeral 50 cap
  • 150 wedding caps, but no dance or stand-up alcohol consumption
  • Maximum of 100 people for religious ceremonies
  • Maximum of 50 people for private gatherings
  • 10-person cap for meetings at private homes
  • Personal care providers – beauticians and beauty therapists – must wear masks and patrons are encouraged to wear masks
  • Jim can resume
  • People encouraged wearing face masks until they were convinced that the government had dealt with the parafield cluster
  • School will return on Monday morning, but Mawson Lakes School and Preschool and Roman Mitchell Secondary College will not reopen until at least November 30th, after the infected students attended school last week.

The government aims to return to the level of restrictions enforced by December by last Friday.

New case

There were three new COVID-19 cases reported today. All of these were associated with parafield clusters and were already quarantined by the time they tested positive.

Two of the cases are a family member of one of the Peppers Medihotel guards who tested positive last weekend, and the third works at Anglicare SA Brompton’s residential geriatric care facility.

There are currently four positive cases associated with elderly care facilities.

“We haven’t left the forest yet,” said Professor Nicola Sprie, SA’s Chief Public Health Officer.

“We still have quite a few close contacts and close contact contacts-because we have that double ring fencing or sandbag around everyone who is the case. “

Health officials warned that health officials expect the number of coronavirus-positive cases in South Australia to increase in the coming days.

“We got it so early in the first stages of this cluster and quarantined people that it didn’t actually test positive when first tested.

“We expect this to happen in the next few days.”

Currently, there are 25 cases associated with parafield clusters, but only two are in the hospital after one of the 80-year-old cases was discharged overnight.

There are an additional 44 “suspicious cases” of people who have come into close contact with positive cases but returned the first negative test.

The 14-day quarantine has about 4500 close contacts or close contact contacts.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been a total of 37 active cases and 553 cases in South Australia.

SA Health first reported 23 cases associated with the cluster yesterday, but corrected to 22 cases late in the afternoon after one person who was initially positive for coronavirus a week ago was reclassified as negative. it was done.

Victoria did not report a new case of coronavirus today, the day after it severely closed its border with South Australia.

This happens after Victorian authorities have detected fragments of COVID-19 in the wastewater of rural towns in Benara and Portland along a freight railroad.

Places on alert

SA Health has not added a new location to its list of alerts since yesterday afternoon.

The latest inclusions include Parafield Gardens’ Alive Catholic ELC and Rosewater’s Mount Carmel College.

If you visit ELC on Friday, November 13th, or if you visit the university from Thursday, November 12th to Friday the 13th, you should immediately self-quarantine and take the test for 14 days.


Yesterday, a healthcare professional at a drive-through test site in Victoria Park. Photo: David Mariuz / AAP

There were 14,459 tests done yesterday.

Waiting time at the test clinic has been significantly reduced this morning after being queued for hours at the beginning of the week.

SA Health reported this morning that there was no line at the Victoria Park drive-through test site. This site is open until midnight tonight.

The site will reopen tomorrow from 8am to 6pm.

Meanwhile, a new test clinic has opened at the Gawler Sports and Community Center on Nixon Terrace.

The site opens daily from From 10 am to 6 pm. No reservation or referral is required.

Additional Report by Tom Richardson

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