Russia: Satellite images show Arctic military build up including Poseidon nuke

Satellite images show the accumulation of Russian military hardware in the Arctic, including feared bombs that could cause a “radioactive tsunami.”

Russia quietly strengthens its military presence and nuclear weapons in the Arctic as it seeks to not only threaten US cities but also manage what could become one of the world’s most important maritime corridors. I am.

One of the weapons Russia is trying to contain in the frozen north of the country is the Poseidon Stealth Stooped. It is an agile nuclear weapon designed to explode from the US coastline and can cause a “radiation tsunami” that kills millions.

Satellite photos taken by imaging company Maxar Technologies and provided to US broadcasters CNN It allegedly indicates that bases and hardware are accumulating on Russia’s Arctic coast.

This is especially true on the other side of the Kola Peninsula, which borders Scandinavia, and the vast country near Alaska, USA.

Radioactive tsunami

Vladimir Russia has recently bent its military power.

He not only develops new weapons, but also military and vehicles Ukrainian border threatening another assault on neighboring countries, That chunk is already under control by Russian support forces or directly by Moscow.

Putin, who has been the president or de facto leader of Russia since 2008, has just signed a new law that will allow him to continue his best work until 2036.

In 2018, Russian leaders exhibited six new “super weapons” designed to thwart US defense and give Russia an edge in future conflicts.

Poseidon torpedoes were one of the most innovative and scary. It would be a nuclear power plant with an onboard nuclear reactor and would carry a nuclear warhead.

It is designed to move quietly along the ocean floor and circumvent existing military defenses as it crosses the world’s oceans. When you get close to a critical target, you can explode its warhead.

The resulting shock waves and vaporized waters are designed to produce unstoppable toxic waves.

Last November, Poseidon said Poseidon was designed to “flood a radioactive tsunami in US coastal cities,” said Christopher Ford, then Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Nonproliferation in the United States.

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Satellite imagery shows accumulation

Recent satellite images show that military bases abandoned after the Cold War are being re-used or extended to air strips.

The image also appears to show bombers and new radar systems in Russia’s Arctic and eastern regions. The latter has easy access to Alaska.

It suggests that an underground storage facility has been built on the Kola Peninsula near the city of Murmansk to accommodate Poseidon and other terrifying weapons.

A Russian news agency said testing of a type of submarine that could be armed with Poseidon is currently underway and could be completed in a few months.

Manash Pratim Boruah, military publication submarine watcher Jane’s Navy Yearbook, Poseidon said it was an important weapon.

“You can definitely see the development around the torpedo going on.

“Poseidon is very likely to be tested, and even without a warhead, even with the reactor inside, there is a risk of it becoming heavily contaminated.”

Borua said Poseidon’s storage on the Kola Peninsula could be completed in 2022.

Nevertheless, there are still questions about how effective Poseidon is.

It may be sneaky, but it’s not invisible. Some say Poseidon’s size and speed torpedoes are noisy enough to be picked up by military forces in other countries.

And feared “Radioactive tsunami” may be like a damp squib..

according to Popular mechanicsUS research on nuclear weapons that exploded below sea level found that they were not very good at producing large waves.

“Most of the wave energy is dissipated by breaking the continental shelf before reaching the shore,” the Navy Research Bureau report ruled.

Russia’s plan to manage major maritime routes

However, the goal could be that Poseidon is feasible enough to focus its mind on Washington, DC and other western capitals.

With Poseidon on one side, Russia’s Arctic accumulation seems to indicate that it means military business.

The huge band of sea ice meant that the sparsely populated north coast could easily be protected from sea invaders.

However, global warming seems to create new challenges and opportunities in Moscow.

The receding ice means that the coast is more fragile. Indeed, the United States has major forces not only in Alaska but also in Europe and Greenland, all close to the Russian coast.

However, new Arctic routes, which may be comparable to the Suez and Panama Canals, have also been opened, reducing travel time from Asia to Europe.

Many of the routes should be on the high seas. But Moscow seems to be trying to control future maritime boulevards in the same way that China is trying to get the South China Sea into orbit.

Russia showed off its power last month when three nuclear-powered submarines surfaced simultaneously in the thick ice of the Arctic Circle.

Russian bombers are also flying near US airspace near Alaska, repeatedly making noise in European countries.

“There are clearly military challenges from Arctic Russians,” said a senior State Department official. CNN..

“It affects the United States and its allies, especially because it creates the ability to project force into the North Atlantic.”

Putin could have another 15 years of power, so he can afford to play a long game when it comes to Arctic augmentation and a new generation of superweapons.

Russia: Satellite images show Arctic military build up including Poseidon nuke Source link Russia: Satellite images show Arctic military build up including Poseidon nuke

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