RSPCA Rescues Animals From Flooded House in Warrington

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Animal Abuse (RSPCA) rescue team rescued three dogs and cats from a house in Warrington, Blacon, which was caught in a flood on January 21 after Storm Christoph struck England and Wales. According to RSPCA, policemen used boats to roam the floods, arriving at a woman called Claire and her pet. The animals were a 14-year-old dog called Pepper and three cats called Bandit, Smoky and Socks. According to RSPCA, the charitable rescue team responded to a total of 43 flood calls between Wednesday, January 20th and Thursday, January 21st. By January 22, at least 100 people had left Warrington’s home as a result of the Storm Christoph flood, according to the Warrington Guardian. Credit: RSPCA via Storyful

Place of originRSPCA Rescues Animals From Flooded House in Warrington

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