Richard Okorogheye missing: Mum finds PS5 clue as son vanishes

A student suddenly left home and said he was “difficult to deal with” the blockade in England. Now his mother has a theory about what happened.

The mother of the missing boy is afraid to meet someone “trusted” through PlayStation 5 while police continue to search for the missing student.

Richard Okorogay, 19, disappeared after telling his mother that he was “difficult to deal with” the blockade. Sun Report.

Police have now released Richard’s new CCTV image. The footage was shot early on Tuesday, March 23, in Loughton, southeastern England.

In Sky News she said: I don’t even know where the place is, so I was shocked that he even knew where Rafton was.

“I think he went to see someone. No doubt Richard can’t go there. Especially at that time in the morning … someone was waiting for Richard.”

When asked if he had probably met someone online, the evidence said “most certainly” and Richard had previously said he would often be playing on his PlayStation.

She heard him laughing and said he was “very happy” when he played the game.

She continued. “No doubt he was talking to someone. Someone he trusted and liked. Maybe that person gave him confidence.

“Somehow he knew his aspirations, his interests, so he built his confidence, confidence and trust in him.”

He has been shielding for sickle cell disease since the pandemic last year.

A teenager who attended Oxford Brookes University said he would go out on March 22nd.

After leaving my home in Radbrook Grove, West London, I was seen walking in Kensington at around 8:40 pm local time.

His last footage was believed to be from bus number 23 southbound near his house.

CCTV footage shows that he was all in black and had a black satchel bag with the white adidas logo on his waist.

But now, police say he was seen in the Epping Forest area hours later, and before he was reported missing.

Police have proved that Richard took a taxi to Loughton in Essex.

He was then caught on a CCTV walking alone towards the Epping Forest along Loughton’s Smart Lane at 12:39 am local time on Tuesday morning.

According to police, the detective was working 24 hours a day to track the next steps after the sighting, searching and visiting the woods and surrounding areas.

They also worked with a dedicated search team and colleagues from the Essex Police.

Nicki Beecher, Chief Criminal Inspector of the Met’s Area West Public Protection Unit, said:

“Our executives are working very hard to stitch the facts together to create a photo of Richard’s move on Monday night, March 22nd.

“According to the latest information, he was last seen in Loughton, Essex. He is currently in the spotlight here, with professional investigators from all over the Metropolitan Museum of Art coming to the rescue.

“Our investigation is also ongoing at Radbrook Grove in the W10 area, where local police are conducting search and community patrols to gather information from locals.”

As a person with sickle cell disease, Mr. Okorogue only left home and went to the hospital for regular blood transfusions because of his condition.

Evidence of Richard’s mother Joel called on him to go home.

She said. “Richard, we love you and miss you. Go home.

“We are not angry with you. We just want to know that you are okay.

“For those reading this, we are desperately losing our son. If you know anything or where he is, go ahead and talk to the police.”

She previously told Sky News: “He only told me,’Mummy, I’m going to meet my friends.’

“I trusted him. There was no reason to ask him further.

“It’s my baby, it’s my treasure. He’s my oxygen, he’s my crown. He’s everything to me, he’s the reason I live, the reason I exist.

“Now I’m empty. I have nothing to look forward to. He took my breath away from me.”

The mother returned home from the nursing shift and thought her son was in her room.

Only when she knocked on his door after making his favorite supper did she realize something was wrong.

After the locksmith helped her enter the bedroom, she found Richard missing, leaving behind her wallet, bus pass, and bank card.

Richard’s friend hasn’t seen him that night or night since he disappeared.

She believes he is “detained against his will” because he was not taking the jacket or his important medications.

This story was originally Sun I duplicated the bees with permission.

Richard Okorogheye missing: Mum finds PS5 clue as son vanishes Source link Richard Okorogheye missing: Mum finds PS5 clue as son vanishes

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