Rex Patrick blames Coalition and Labor for ‘striking failure’ on guns, 25 years after Port Arthur

Twenty-five years after a gunman slaughtered 35 people, both major parties were accused of “significant failures” closing the loopholes in gun control.

The Australian gun control gap hole is a “serious failure” of the Liberal and Labor governments and needs urgent correction, said a major crossbencher.

According to a News Corporation investigation, the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) signed following the Port Arthur massacre is filled with loopholes, and law enforcement agencies track weapons as license holders move between states. I was having a hard time.

Many measures agreed between the state and the territory after the 1996 shooting (the lonely gunner Martin Bryant killed 35 people) have not yet been realized, including the national firearm registration.

Leading independent senator Rex Patrick has accused major parties of failing to implement the registry for decades.

Relation: Twenty-five years have passed since the Port Arthur massacre, and it is thanks to the victims that gun control remains strict.

But he said new mechanisms for cooperation during COVID-19, including regular national ministerial meetings, provided an opportunity to revisit this issue.

“In principle, the continued lack of national firearm registries agreed a quarter of a century ago is a serious failure of successive federal and state governments, the coalition and labor,” he said.

“Given the spirit of federal cooperation built through the COVID-19 crisis, the prime minister and the prime minister and the prime minister give new momentum to this long-deferred project to set up a registry to strengthen firearms management. You can. Throughout our country. “

Assistant Interior Minister Jason Wood, who is tasked with gun control, described the national register as “very easy.”

Former Prime Minister John Howard said he was pushing for post-Port Arthur reforms and he still supports this measure, telling today’s politicians any attempt to shatter his reforms. But he warned that he was “openly hostile.”

However, according to a News Corp report, the NFA has softened several times since it was signed, and the states and territories have never been fully compliant.

Mr Howard admitted that he had “bite the margins”, but argued that the reforms remained largely intact.

Senator Patrick said the 1996 change “definitely helped keep Australia safe,” but warned of complacency.

“Our political leaders should not take their success for granted, but continue to take the necessary steps to protect Australians from gun violence,” he said.

An investigation into the 2018 shooting murders of Jack and Jennifer Edwards in Sydney focused on gun surveillance this month. Coroners found that the state registry did not meet its obligation to prevent his father, John, from getting a gun.

Despite a series of domestic violence cases reported to police, Edwards was legally licensed for multiple guns and legally included a pistol used to kill two children aged 15 and 13. I was given the weapon I got.

Coroner Teresa O’Sullivan found that the training provided to New South Wales firearms registry staff was “significantly inadequate” and licensed in a “widespread confusion and incompetence” situation. did.

A 2016 Australian survey found that nearly half supported the country’s tightening of gun control, but only 6% considered them too strict.

Labor spokeswoman Kristina Keneally declined to comment.

Place of originRex Patrick blames Coalition and Labor for ‘striking failure’ on guns, 25 years after Port Arthur

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