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Disposable plastics contribute 40% of marine pollution, According to Greenpeace.. What is disposable plastic? Just use it once and throw it away. Think of plastic cups, utensils, and straws. In many cities, including Miami Beach and Seattle, Prohibition of disposable plastics Because of their negative Environmental impact.. So you may like to drink straws, but this information may cause you to rethink.

However, this is a problem. Too many restaurants and coffee shops have abolished plastic straws. This is great, but paper straws are not the solution. They become flimsy and crumble in the drink, but that’s not fun.That’s why we love Reusable straws.. Investing in some is less expensive and they will save you more than a few headaches. Just put a few in your bag and you’re ready to go. There is also a coffee shop where you can get a discount if you bring a straw!This is a great way to protect the environment and still enjoy you Summer sangria.. Never go back to plastic or paper straws.

Reusable Straws | POPSUGAR Smart Living Source link Reusable Straws | POPSUGAR Smart Living

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