retail strips battle large vacancies

On Lygon Street in Carlton, vacancy rates have skyrocketed to 20%, a new report shows.

Melbourne’s iconic retailers, such as South Yarra’s Chapel Street and Richmond’s Bridge Road, are working on vacancy rates, leaving one-fifth of their stores empty.

One real estate expert reports that when a pandemic occurs, fewer “pasta dishes” stores may be available on Carlton’s Lygon Street.

Also, according to the latest Walk the Strip report from commercial realtor Fitzroys, there are shopping hubs in another 13 villages where 1 in 10 stores is not traded.

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The report, which records vacancy rates for 2019, 2020, and last week, warns of vacancy rates on the once vibrant Acland Street in St Kilda.

Fitzroys director David Burke warned that while many strips would rebound, others would need to rethink their identities.

Richmond Bridge Road-For Herald Sun Real Estate

Most of Richmond’s Bridge Roads are empty, but some are believed to be designated for development.

“Lygon Street may not have all the future of serving pasta on a plate like it did in the last three decades with red and white tablecloths,” Burke said.

“I hope it continues, but if you take a step back and think it’s a big impetus, there’s a university (in Melbourne), and it has an impact because so many students work online or abroad. I’m giving it. “

Despite the dark numbers on some strips, other strips are booming, including Bentley’s Center Road, where vacancy rates have fallen over the past three years.

Church Street in Brighton has the best performance in the city with a 0.7% vacancy rate recorded in the report.

Center Road, Bentley-For Herald Sun Real Estate

At Bentley’s Center Road, vacancy rates are declining throughout the pandemic.

The report captured 33 vacancy rates for the city’s most popular suburban retail stores.

The city as a whole recorded a 2.6% increase in vacancy rates. This was “not as serious as expected during Covid-19,” Burke said, and some storefronts continue to light up due to an increase in food vendors.

“There are providers looking to expand their noodle and pizza bars, wanting to take advantage of the rise of Deliveroo and Uber Eats,” he said.

“They are becoming a little Covid-proof.”

South Yarra Chapel Street-Herald Sun Real Estate

It’s still over 18%, but vacancy rates on Chapel Street in South Yarra are declining.

Melbourne’s CBD faced even greater challenges, but he added that increased telecommuting would help people reconnect to the local shopping strip and help many rebound in the near future.

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