Republican-Led States Limit COVID Safety Protocols

Republicans in 26 states have passed legislation that permanently limits the authority of state and local authorities to enact COVID-19 safety protocols such as mask and vaccine obligations. Review release Wednesday from Kaiser Health News.

A review of hundreds of legislative acts found that all 50 states had introduced such legislation. Of the 26 states that passed the bill, about 17 states banned vaccine passports or requirements, and 16 states restricted the authority of public health authorities to require masks, quarantine or quarantine. Five states have passed executive orders limiting Mask’s obligations.

“The limits of legislation and the shrinking authorities can lead to more illnesses, injuries, hospitalizations and even deaths,” said Lori Tremmel Freeman, head of the National Association of County and Municipal Health Officials. Stated. I told the Associated Press.

These restrictions on the safety of COVID are coming as the country sees Massive surge in coronavirus cases, With numbers reaching levels not seen since January. There were about 160,000 new cases on Tuesday.

Still, Republicans argue that these measures are their way to “stand up for freedom.”Florida Governor Ron DeSantis threatened to impose a $ 5,000 fine on Tuesday For businesses that require employees to be vaccinated.

“It’s political and it’s about controlling with the power of the government,” said Desantis. “We protect these jobs, protect our livelihoods, and protect our families.”

Many of these bans and fines affect public schools in particular, prohibiting students from requiring students to wear masks when autumn classes resume.

Following a list of bills banning COVID security, the Ministry of Education The investigation has started States that block school mask requirements, such as Iowa, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah, said, “School districts in the state are preventing schools from considering or meeting the needs of students with disabilities. Insists.

“It is totally unacceptable for state leaders to put politics on the health and education of students who have vowed to serve. The department has the right to safe access to face-to-face learning for all students and local educators. Will fight to protect their right to participate. Establish a policy this fall to ensure that all students can safely return directly to the classroom, “said Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona in August. rice field.

The AP pointed out how public health scientists and officials are dissatisfied with the perception that they are more responsible than the virus.

Kelly Volmer, Secretary-General of the Jefferson County Health Department in Missouri, told AP.

Republican-Led States Limit COVID Safety Protocols Source link Republican-Led States Limit COVID Safety Protocols

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