Renovating Trends for 2021

Renovating Trends for 2021

2020 has seen a huge uptick in home renovations and DIY. With many of us working from home or furloughed, it’s been a year of making lemons into lemonade and finally getting started on those ‘one day I’ll get to them’ projects.

And if you thought 2021 would see a slowdown, you would be mistaken. Recent surveys have shown that over 30% of Americans engaged in major home renovation projects or upgrades. Here are the trends renovators will be following (and in some cases setting!) in 2021.

Home Bathroom = Spa Sanctuary

The last twelve months have driven a surge in bathroom renovations, with many homeowners aiming to replicate the spa experience at home. For example, look for heated floors, freestanding tubs, and steam rooms to gain traction this coming year. With a nice relaxing bath often being the only semblance of rest and relaxation, it’s easy to see why homeowners want to make it as close to a spa as possible.

Home Gyms

If you’re having the spa experience in your bathroom, why not have a gym as well? Personal health and wellbeing are becoming more and more important to people, but a trip to the gym is not always enticing. To avoid crowds and commutes, homeowners are installing their own gyms, replacing reading rooms, dining rooms, or spare bedrooms.

Adding Greenery

With many of us spending an inordinate amount of time at home, we’ve realized this simple truth: nature is so important. And we take it for granted. That’s why homeowners are focusing on making their homes green, literally. Plant sales have rocketed, with the Spider Plant, Aloe Vera, and the amusingly titled Mother in Law’s Tongue being incredibly popular.

No Touch Features

Germs are the topic of 2021. People are understandably trying to avoid them as much as possible, and this has in part caused an upsurge in demand for touchless features. Faucets that are enabled by movement, for instance, are particularly popular so far this year.

Upcycle + New = Winning Combination

The average homeowner is increasingly concerned with watching the pennies, taking care of the environment, and avoiding waste. This is why 2020 was such a big year for upcycling projects. But not everything can be bought off eBay and revamped. Instead, homeowners are going for 2-3 new ‘statement’ pieces, like the couch and coffee table, and upcycling the rest.

Home Offices

Working from home is here to stay. Big companies have fought against it, but they’ve finally relented. And it’s not affected productivity. This means that white-collar workers are investing in solutions that will allow them to move off their kitchen tables to dedicated home office spaces. Look for the guest bedroom to disappear in 2021, replaced by the home office.

Indoors = Outdoors = Indoors

Home renovations are increasingly looking to blend indoor and outdoor spaces, without the harsh markers of division we’re so accustomed to. This is happening in colder climates, with sliding glass doors ensuring a natural transition between spaces. In colder climes, outdoor fireplaces and outdoor heating lamps are proving popular, whilst tropical areas call for drop-down screens (for mosquitos) and plenty of fans.

We’re All Becoming DIYers

Most of these trends highlight that there is a clear change happening to the average homeowner. People are far more willing to get involved with a little DIY, using a combination of elbow grease and YouTube videos to make their homes into ideal spaces for living, working, and exercise.

In short, the true trend of 2021 is that creative DIY is going to fuel home renovations for the next couple of years. With tightening belts and plenty of inspiration from places like Pinterest, there are numerous opportunities to craft that dream home.

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