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When nature suddenly called out and I couldn’t find a toilet anywhere, I would probably go out in the park or for a walk with my friends and family.

Or you may be on a road trip when you run out of inconvenient or logistically difficult times. Or maybe you know how difficult it is to find a public toilet and plan to stop by a fast-food restaurant along the way.

Everyone really has a story about a time when they really need to go and there was nowhere around.

However, the Australian Continence Foundation has a solution. Map public toilets around Australia so anyone can do it when they need it.

But map It’s not just for those who want to better plan road trips and cafe pit stops. Torie Hooper, Foundation’s marketing and communications manager, says one in four people in Australia is affected by incontinence and the map aims to help people find public toilets around them.

“This is a big problem and a great map for everyone, especially if you have an incontinence problem,” she says. “It’s a real lifesaver.”

According to Hooper, this map is an asset that people can use to plan vacations and trips, giving people suffering from incontinence the confidence to feel supported and live their lives.

“Knowing where the next public toilet is can make a huge difference.”

The map lists more than 19,000 toilets nationwide, but the Foundation wants to expand it and launched the Great Dunny Hunt to encourage people to register public toilet locations during the holidays. ..

According to Hooper, the Foundation wants to raise awareness of how incontinence affects people’s lives by searching for local toilets.

“In certain situations, we know that people’s activities are restricted by incontinence, and something like a map of a public toilet certainly helps.”

The focus is on local toilets, and it will be harder to find public toilets than in major cities and towns. The Foundation offers the opportunity to win one of three $ 500 vouchers in return for submission.

“The fear of not having access to the toilet in public can limit or even stop people from leaving home for their daily activities,” said the CEO of the Excretion Foundation. Rowan Cockerell says.

The Great Danny Hunt begins on Thursday and lasts until Sunday, June 20th. Cockerell believes it will improve the reach and depth of the map of the area.

“There are small towns, big areas, parks, service stations, and it’s always online, not to mention new community centers and playgrounds,” he says.

“We are anxious for people to share local knowledge to help Australians living with incontinence problems.”

Relief in sight: Australian ‘dunny hunt’ launched to expand map of public toilets | Australia news Source link Relief in sight: Australian ‘dunny hunt’ launched to expand map of public toilets | Australia news

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